Gerrer Chasenah Will Lead to Traffic Congestion in Jerusalem


Another day of simcha in the Gerrer Chassidus as preparations continue for the chasenah of a grandson of the Rebbe Shlita, a son of the rebbe’s son-in-law, Rav Nachum Rothstein, Rosh Yeshivas Nezer Hatorah. He is marrying the daughter of HaRav HaGaon Rav Moshe Bergman, a Ram in Mesivta Imrei Emmes in Jerusalem.

The kabolas panim and chupah will take place in the area of the beis medrash in Jerusalem on Monday, with the chupah scheduled to begin at 3:00PM.

Police are mobilizing in large numbers, and the area will shut down beginning at 1:00PM, a part of Yirmiyahu Street in both directions from Eli HaCohen/Tzefanya towards Yirmiyahu. Brandeis/Minchas Yitzchak Streets; traffic will be diverted to Shamgar Street.

Other areas streets will be gradually shut down too.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. YWN wants us neighbors to be upset about traffic issues… well we aren’t
    And when Mashiach will come, everyone will be olah, omg how much traffic there will be, we are eagerly looking forward!

  2. YWN is always, always on the negative
    And you can’t say you are posting this to give a heads up because most Israelis don’t read your stuff

  3. RRR…..You are correct. Most poishete residents of Yerushalayim stuck in traffic will assume its just another day of mindless Peleg demonstrations rather than some grandson of a rebbe celebrating a chassanah. And as you correctly note, its unlikely they will care since they are so numb to these daily disruptions in their lives.

  4. “And you can’t say you are posting this to give a heads up because most Israelis don’t read your stuff”

    It helped me to plan my afternoon. These notices are very helpful for the Anglos who live in yerushalyim.

  5. Mr takahmamadh…
    Do u live in ey that this wedding is causing u a problem. So what is ur comment all about. Be positive be besimcha. Get a life !!!!!!!!

  6. Interesting that the Rebbe’s son in law an independently accomplished talmid chochom and Rosh Yeshiva is just “Rav” Nachum Rothstein whereas the kallo’s father who is a Ram in a Gerrer Mossad is HaRav HaGaon

  7. “Why can’t they just rent a building or a large tent like everyone else?”

    I just saw pics. Even Barnum and Bailey’s Big Top wouldn’t fit in half the crowd.

  8. Not sure if there will be an enormous crowd as I doubt that the chassidim of Reb Shaul Alter will attend due to the way the Gerrer Rebbe has been treating him.