Rockland – Lacorte Calls For Structural Change In Another Yiddish Mailer


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lacorteRockland County Executive Candidate Dagan Lacorte sent out another mailer aimed at Orthodox Jewish community voters. The Yiddish/ English mailer (seen below) notes how tough dealing with government has become. At the same time, Mr. Lacrote touts his record as Mayor of Suffern in making government become more efficient.

To dramatize the difficulties of the County’s Government, the back panel of the mailer shows a broken down County bus on a flatbed on Melnick Drive in Monsey.

Dagan Lacorte Yiddish Mailer

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Unfortunately Lacorte is getting on my nerves … His unsigned mailings against David Fried are way too nasty. Yes, there are things the electorate should know (like DF’s voting to create an $80,000 county job for himself, that no one else was interviewed for) but the tone and frequency are annoying. I want to know what Lacorte plans to do, not why he thinks someone else should not get the job.