Gafne: ‘The Government Reminds Us of Sodom & Gomorra’


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gafniMK (Yahadut Hatorah Moshe Gafne stated the policies of the current government “reminds us of Sodom and Gomorra”, referring to the cuts to yeshivos and monthly child payments to families.

According to Gafne, a former chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee, the cut in monthly child allowance payments that begin this week will “impact hundreds of thousands of families from all walks of Israeli life.”

He calls the new law “cruel and evil”, referring to the government as “evil, one that reminds us of Sodom and Gomorra for under the guise of ideology they it will be bringing children to starvation.”

Gafne stated that he knows for a fact that a number of them are opposed to the policy decision “yet their mouths are full of water and they cannot speak out.” He promises the public will remember and act accordingly.

Opposition leader (Labor) Shelly Yacimovich calls the government decision “malice”, adding “The well-fed government of Netanyahu-Lapid-Bennett it hitting where it hurts once again. A normal average family will lose 2,000 NIS annually because of this decree” concluding “it is an error and malice and represents a total disconnect with ordinary day-to-day life for of human beings.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. and he didn’t realize they were reshaim back when he was accepting patronage from the government –and I predict he won’t notice it if they ever start offering him patronage in the future (someone should spend less time on gemara and more time on pirke avos).

  2. “cruel and evil” yes, but that clearly describes Pharaoh towards the Jews, Shemot perek 5. Sodom and Amora is a good description for the justice system in Israel.

  3. Yahadut Hatorah Moshe Gafne was correct in saying that the politics of your current government reminds you all of sodom and gomorra.

    By cutting child payments to families your government and the people involed in this, will bring poison to oneself.

    Gafne if you are reading this yes you are right this is cruel and evil. Anything that is felt evil is cruel and vice versa, this makes your govenment cruel and evil inside comming out.

    So sorry for these families affected by these unessary evil cuts and pray these families enermies repent there ways.

  4. Gafne should get a real job.
    Israel should have elections for people and not for parties. This way they wont have bozos representing them.

  5. straightshooter —

    1. The American system gave us such people as Spitzer, Weiner (a.k.a. Carlos Danger), Bill Clinton (the meaning of “is”), Sanford (hiking the Appalachian Trail”). I don’t think that it is the type of electoral system that affects the number and quality of “bozos” in office. Politics tends to attract such people.

    2. If they had single member districts, especially with run-offs (i.e.majority required) rather than “first past the post”, it would largely eliminate all the extremists such as Lapid, but also would limit Hareidim to the few places with a Hareidi majority — however, it would mean that all parties would need to seek hareidi votes and that candidates running on a platform of bigotry would be marginalized (as has happened to overtly racist candidates in the USA).