BACK TO THE LAPID ERA? Cutback In Yeshiva Budgets Due To “Caretaker” Gov’t Not Passing 2020 Budget


Three months after YWN first reported on the expected cutback in the budget for yeshivos due to the political imbroglio, it reported on Monday that the decreased budget is at a new low and is expected to bring back the world of yeshivos to the days of [former Finance Minister Yair] Lapid’s decrees.

It is expected that the reduced budget will soon be transferred from the Education Ministry to the bank accounts of the kollelim and yeshivos and unless there is no last-minute change, the amount of money received for each avreich and yeshivah bochur will be similar to the amounts when Lapid served as Finance Minister (March 2013 – December 2014).

The estimated sum for the upcoming month for a yeshivah bochur in yeshivah gedolah is NIS 255 and NIS 459 for a kollel avreich, as compared to the amounts of NIS 240 and NIS 480 when Lapid was Finance Minister.

There is still a behind-the-scenes attempt to prevent the cutback to yeshivos, which will be forced to lower the standards of living conditions in the yeshivahs.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Everyone needs to get past the headline of this article. No one is targeting the Yeshivos or the Kollelim. Due to the lack of government, many temporary funding increases, such as those that funded programs for Chanuka , special needs children etc, have not been funded since a care taker government cannot pass a budget. The budget is therefore a pro-rated version of the last budget passed by a valid government. I wonder if any of the Charedi Leadership that made the decision to allow the government to fall saw this one coming.