Ukraine Beis HaChaim Desecrated


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cemetery vand.jpgThe beis hachaim located in Pryluky, Ukraine was targeted in an anti-Semitic attack. Damage to the cemetery and the matzeivos is reportedly extensive. According to a HaMevaser report, the attack occurred last week. 17 matzeivos were totally destroyed by the vandals.

Passersby saw the extensive damage and they contacted leaders of the local Jewish community. The tombstones were smashed and spray painted and portions of the stones were thrown outside the beis hachaim. Some of the tombstones were totally uprooted from their place and officials do not know how to find their original place.

Local police were summoned. An investigation is reportedly taking place but to date, no arrests have been reported.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Azoy…and to show their appreciation to these ehrliche Ukrainian anti-semitim, tens of thousands of the Nachman groupies will fly over this week to Uman and pour millions of dollars into the economy of Ukraine to show that Breslov chassidim understand that these types of events “will happen” from time to time and shouldn’t detract from their annual “celebrations” at rav nachman’s kever.

  2. Is this news? The Ruskies and their neighbors the Ukranians specialize in anti-Semitism. Why Jews stay in Europe, specifically Eastern Europe is beyond me. I suppose some people are a glutton for punishment.