Kfar Chabad Put In Total Lockdown


Israel’s Health Ministry imposed a complete lockdown on Kfar Chabad in light of the increasing spread of the coronavirus in the town, which is suffering from the second-highest percentage of confirmed cases in Israel. Seven new cases were confirmed over the weekend.

Head of the Sedot Dan Regional Council David Yifrach wrote to the residents: “This past weekend, seven new cases of the coronavirus were confirmed in the community.”

“Due to the exposure of some residents to these patients and the locations they frequented, such as grocery stores, shuls, batei midrashim, mikvaos, the Health Ministry has tested other residents of the town.”

“Due to the fear that others in the community could be contagious, the Health Ministry has also made a decision that all residents are banned from leaving their homes, except for vital needs such as food or medications, until the medical investigation is completed.

Israel Police will enforce the lockdown and track violations of the restrictions and impose fines on those who violate them.”

“I exhort you to adhere to the instructions, which are life-saving.”

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)