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Renewed Clashes at Beit Shemesh’s Binyan Shalem Project

bspClashes at the controversial Binyan Shalem building project in Beit Shemesh were reported on Monday, 5 Tishrei 5774. Police on Monday afternoon reported that chareidim objecting to the project for fear of chilul kevarim became involved in an altercation with security guards at the construction site on Nachal Arugot Street in the city.


Six chareidim were transported to Hadassah and Shaare Zedek Hospitals in Yerushalayim after being beaten by security guards. Four are reported in moderate condition and two light. Police arrested at least seven security guards for beating the unarmed protestors.


Some of the protestors explain that it was obvious the hired guards were instructed to being beating without provocation for as soon as they arrived they came under attack.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. those here in Eretz Yisroel know that these ‘protesters’ are simply provocateurs who little care or understand halacha.

    they do not listen to the Rabbonim who have issued decrees and said that there should be outside mashgichim watching the site. These creeps do what they want and do not listen neither to the rabbis nor to halacha.

    Let them rot in jail.

  2. I thought they had settled this broigas and Rav Tuvia Weiss had accepted the views of gadolei yisroel and backed off his false claims there were yiddeshe kevorim at this site. If so, these demonstators were clearly there simply to engage in disruption and extortion and deserve what they got (i.e. a free guided tour of the emergency care facilities at Hadassah and Sharee Tzedkek Hospitals).

  3. What happened now ?

    According to a post here on YWN Reb Chaim sent a delegation of 3 Rabomin to inspect and he asked to stop until he can rule on it.

  4. @Gadolhadorah

    What made you think so ?

    You 1st write “if so” and then before you even know the truth, you spew your hatred against them

    Fist get your facts straight

  5. The Rabbonim appointed by R’ Chaim Kanievski, shlita, inspected the site and concluded that there was no clear proof that the graves there were not Jewish. Based on their report, and citing a ruling from the Chazon Ish that graves in Eretz Yisroel are presumed to be Jewish, R’ Chaim ruled that it was forbidden to continue work at the site except under the direction of his agent, whom the developers have totally ignored.

  6. @Gadolhadorah

    To which “gadolei yisroel” are you referring too?

    I am not talking about “false talk” Just facts, To this date so far there is only “one” Gadol that wrote publicly that you may Dig and there are many “gadolei yisroel” to wrote publicly to the contrary.

    FYI, Nobody ever said or wrote (even Rav Weiss and Rav Shmidel) that there were for sure yiddeshe kevorim at this site

  7. “Some of the protestors explain that it was obvious the hired guards were instructed to being beating without provocation for as soon as they arrived they came under attack”

    and those protestors came for a look, to take fotos, a peaceful stroll or to PROVOCATE.

  8. #1 you don’t know the facts, and to make fun of other yidden especially in aseres yemi teshuva is despicable. yes Rabbi Shternebach paskened it’s permitted to dig there. [even though no one understands why he permitted if there are kevarim there], but most rabbonim paskened not to dig there. and the people protesting are listing to their rabbonim, and to make fun of them in not right. They are not doing if for kovod, no one sticks his neck out to get beeten unless he is leshem shamayim, and we should learn from them a little mesiras nefesh for something good.

  9. Reply to Mr. Hairry

    Many of these same characters get bussed around from one construction site to another to protest and hopefully to extract concessions (aka $$ or NIS) to go away. If you call this quasi-legal extortion “leshem shamayim” you’ll probably tell me that malchai shamahyim need a bridge that links lower Manhattan to Brooklyn. There is no evidence that there are yiddeshe keovirm on this site. Yes, there is a theoretical possibility that any time you put a shovel in the ground in any developed area of EY you may find a remnant of some ancient kevorim but we don’t shut down construction because of this theoretical potential. These guys are entitled to demonstrate peacefully but if they step one meter on to private property or block the construction workers, they’ll probably have to book a return visit to Share Tzedek

  10. #7 Alan Flam

    brother or no brother, they are violent and do not listen to the rabonnim, the fact that they were frum looking clothing does not take away from their violent approach to halacha.

    Woe to people like you who think that we must put up with violent people in our community because they dress frum.

    Let them act ‘frum’ and stop the violence!

  11. One of the posters alludes to a psak of the Chazon Ish that graves in Eretz Yisroel are presuemd to be jewish. Can you quote this psak in writing? And may we know the logic of this? For the last two thousand years, there were few jews In Eretz ysroel. please supply the psak in writing.

  12. Whether or not there are Jewish graves is a question for archeologists and gedolim, and is probably something about which reasonable people will disagree. All hareidim in Israel should be saving their energy to fight the zionists over issues that really matter, that are existential (i.e. determine if hareidim will continue to be allowed to live in Eretz Yisrael). The goyim’s expression (albeit a very ahistorical one) is “fiddling while Rome burns” — doing something that isn’t critical while ignoring something that is critical.

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