Watch: The Only Legal Chol Hamoed Dancing In The World


As frum Jews all over the world spent their Chol Hamoed in their homes, learning, entertaining their children and perhaps watching a Shwekey concert online, some frum Jews were dancing and singing together.

Where? In a coronavirus hotel in Israel of course. Many frum patients in Israel, mostly from Bnei Brak were taken to coronavirus hotels before Pesach which were specifically designated for Chareidi people.

The IDF’s Home Front Command established three Chareidi “coronavirus hotels” in the north: the Kinor, Lavie and Ner Etzion.

Since the “guests” were all ill with the coronavirus, they were the only frum Jews in the world who could freely daven with a minyan, socialize and dance and sing together.

Below is a video the Ner Etzion hotel guests enjoying a Chol Hamoed concert:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)