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Ken Thompson Defeats Charles Hynes For Brooklyn DA [UPDATED 11:40PM]

thomKenneth Thompson has won the Democratic nomination for Brooklyn District Attorney, unseating Charles Hynes, who has held the job more than 20 years.

With 98 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday night, Thompson was leading with 55 percent of the vote.

There is no major party challenger in the general election.

Hynes has come under fire recently for his handling of some cases within the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn. He was accused of catering to powerful rabbis who did not want abuse cases handled by secular authorities. Hynes denied any favoritism.


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  1. Looks like Charlie played his cards wrong. Its possible that had he cleared Kellner before the election, people would have had some hakaros hatov to him. Just goes to show he has been in office way too long, he doesn’t know which way to turn any longer, he no longer knows who he should show his loyalties to.

  2. Your last paragraph should give more details. According to the secular press, e.g. the Wall Street Journal, Hynes was accused of prosecuting a Satmar Hasid in an “abuse” case in which there was no medical evidence abuse had occured, nor any witnesses other than the accuser, who herself was affiliated with an organization that states its primary purpose is to oppose the Satmar haskafa. In such cases, most prosecutors would not have brought charges – suggesting that Hynes is in fact notr under the control of “powerful rabbis” and in fact is under the control of left-wing Jewish groups who regard hasidic Judaism as an evil to be rooted out.

    Which doesn’t suggest Thompson will be any better.

  3. Never underestimate the political clout of dov hikind. Forget about the blackface, the countless press conferences in front of amnon’s and everything else–hikind rules the roost!

  4. #7 – Frum Jews overwhelmingly voted for Hynes and deblasio.
    Hikind is a huge loser.

    He could not even produce his own constituents.

    What a joke.

    Go check the data available (like have), and see what a pathetic joke he has become.

    He has not produced one winning candidate in years….including himself (when a person spent $600 on his election and won 35% of the vote in his district).

    He can start packing his bags.

  5. All the election shows is that in a democracy, if you “diss” your constituents, you will end up not getting reelected.

    There may be a broader reaction to prosecutorial abuse building nationwide, but that’s too soon to tell.

  6. Hynes falsely accused and got convicted Weberman and Lebovits. Hynes admitted he was wrong about Lebovits, after he was convicted, and agreed to release him. We now await the same admission on the other case, which had an utter lack of evidence of any guilt whatsoever.

    In the interim, for these above reasons we happily say good riddance Mr. Hynes.

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