Kosel Plaza To Be Divided Into Several “Davening Zones” [PHOTOS]


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According to a government decision on Sunday morning, public tefillah with a minyan is allowed in an open area with up to 19 participants.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation is dividing the Kosel plaza into several zones in accordance with the regulations. However, currently, only those who live within 500 meters of the Kosel can daven there, which means that only Old City residents are permitted to daven at the Kosel.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation noted that there are roadblocks set up at the entrances to the Old City and the police are turning away anyone who is not a local resident.

In coordination with the police, access to the Kosel will be through the security checkpoints at the entrances at Sha’ar Ha’ashpos as well as Rechov Dovid. A representative of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will stand at each entrance to register those entering.

Also, all those entering will have their temperatures checked and will be required to wear face masks.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)