GIVE KIDS SUMMER: NYS Assemblyman Eichenstein Calls On Governor To Open Camps & Bungalow Colonies

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New York state beaches will open for Memorial Day weekend, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday.

New York State Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein responded with a tweet at the Governor demanding camps and bungalows be allowed to open as well.

[email protected] opened beaches for Memorial Day. What about giving children a safe and enjoyable summer in camps & bungalows?”, the assemblyman wrote.

AJCO has sent a letter to the Governor laying out strict guidelines that they would be willing to implement for camps to open for the summer.

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New York officials are rethinking when and how to open sleep-away summer camps for kids as they try to learn more about a rare but potentially deadly syndrome associated with the coronavirus.

As of today, New York has 120 children suspected to have this new syndrome, which has symptoms similar to Kawasaki virus or toxic shock syndrome. (See symptoms below.) At least 16 other states also believe they have some children with the virus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. In New York, three children, including one teen, has died.

Those cases, which have come to light in recent days, are making state officials rethink summer camps.

“With the new cases that are arising with children, we’re looking at relooking at those guidelines,” said Robert Mujica, the state’s budget director.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. How can he call on camps to open without yelling knowing the ramifications of this new syndrome? 120 kids in New York State just in the week or so is a lot of kids, and this is brand new so how can anyone know now what the risks are? This is pretty scary……

  2. They may have shot themselves in the foot with this one. The regulations they themselves proposed are so onerous, the camps may decide to just stay shut. City camps especially have no motivation to open- with no youth core, (helps pay salaries) heavy restrictions, limited trip possibilities, the necessity for smaller bunks etc, the possibility that swimming won’t be allowed- which camp in their right mind would even want to open? it would cost them too much and earn them too little. And all with a huge headache. I say, this has gone on long enough. People who want to stay home, by all means keep home. Everyone else HAS to realize that society cannot continue to function this way. Life must go on. There is no short term solution so why are we even bothering with this NO-end-in-sight torturous quarantine?? Forget COVID, if we don’t get out of the house theres going to be lots of homicidal maniacs running the streets. LOSING MY MIND and not ashamed to admit it.