Deblasio Wants Badge & Gun Stripped From Officer Who Flashed Gun [VIDEOS]


Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday called for an NYPD officer to be stripped of his gun and badge after video showed him pulling his gun on a crowd of protesters. In the video, the NYPD officer charges at protesters in the middle of an intersection, raises his gun and threateningly swings it around from side to side as people scream and run away.

The incident reportedly happened around 10 p.m. near East 12th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

Speaking at a news conference Monday morning, de Blasio said the scene looked “chaotic” but the officer’s actions were “unacceptable and dangerous.” he added the officer should have his gun and badge taken away immediately.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This mayor hates police, and he hates law and order. His judgment here is beyond impaired. He should not be addressing this matter at all, and certainly not to the public. Can’t wait for him to leave office. May he encounter nothing but disgrace for the rest of his term.

  2. DeBlasio, you should have your brains taken away immediately. You’re not using them, anyway, and you won’t miss them. Do you know that another heroic police officer is dead now because some “peaceful” protesters deliberately ran him over when he tried to stop them?

  3. He’s SICK IN THE HEAD! He’s lucky there are cops still willing to go to work and try to protect us after all this total chaos ! He’s too busy worrying about small businesses opened in Boro Park to worry about the millions of dollars damages being done by the looters !

  4. If the officers life is in danger what are they supposed to do? This is socialism this is criminal. Let the thugs do whatever they want.

  5. The mayor should resign immediately. Perhaps if more cops would have taken out their guns anarchy wouldn’t wouldn’t be reigning in our cities.

  6. We have weak left=wing elected officials in Los Angeles but you guys in NY voted for the stupidest Mayor in the whole country. Bill De Ballsio, who’s real name is William Wilhelm, III, is not qualified to be mayor. He isn’t even qualified to be a janitor. He changed his name once. Now he should change it to something more appropriate and fitting for him: Stupidicus Moronicus!

  7. Is this guy for real?? They should be patrolling the streets brandishing machine guns. It’s the only language these animals understand.

  8. De blasio is such an idiot. You have violent protesters too. The officers need to protect their own lives. Mayor is proud of his piece of trash daughter protesting and instead of focusing on stopping these black animals he chases innocent yiddshe kinder out of the park.

  9. אילמלא מוראו, חיים בלעו
    Deblasio has just emasculated his entire police force…and the people of New York will suffer the consequences.
    HaShem Yerachem!

  10. The rest of the video has been going around. We now know what caused him to take out his gun, seconds earlier a rioter threw a brick from point blank range at the head of another cop. The intent was murder, the brick was a murder weapon. So he took out his gun in response. Maybe diblasio should get the facts before he opens his mouth.

  11. I think its time for jews to emigrate from NY and NJ to red or at least purple states. I see this as the beginning of the end.
    Purpose if Gov’t is to protect its citizens. Hence the social contract between population and government. NYC’s government does not have the right to exist. Taxation is only acceptable if ones life and property is protected by government. NY denied its citizenry the most basic right of safety in order to placate the most evil and despicable lowlifes.
    Any business with any sense will look to move. The city is anti business, anti capitalism, anti morality anti semitic….
    Ppl it’s hard it’s very hard, but theceriting is on the wall. NY is not turning red anytime in the foreseeable future. It’s getting bluer and bluer. Anti business high taxation means less jobs means higher taxation more social programs less jobs etc. Its a downward spiral which will self destruct financially as well as socially. If policymakers are cuomo deblasio and aoc all three with a combined IQ of about 11 you can understand why the city is basically on a path to ruin. A young family would be crazy to build their life in ny