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Israel’s Youngest Fatality: 19-Yr. Old Dies Of COVID-19

A 19-year-old woman passed away from the coronavirus on Shabbos in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

The woman was severely obese which caused her limited motility and also suffered from congestive cardiac failure and pulmonary hypertension.

Upon admittance to the hospital only a week and a half ago she was immediately attached to a ventilator and when her condition deteriorated she was hooked up to an ECMO machine.

Unfortunately, she did not respond to the treatment and her condition continued to deteriorate. The hospital made a decision to treat her with the first passive coronavirus vaccine, administering Immunoglobulin G (IgG) formulated from anti-body rich plasma donated by recovered coronavirus patients.

The patient had an initial positive response to the treatment and her condition stabilized but unfortunately, it was too late and she passed away on Shabbos.

Hadassah Hospital stated that due to the fact that the patient coded several times and required prolonged resuscitation attempts, a number of medical staffers contracted the virus while tending to her and are now in quarantine.

Previously, Israel’s youngest coronavirus fatality was a 26-year-old Chareidi man who passed away from complications of the Kawasaki-like disease, most commonly diagnosed in children, which caused inflammation of his heart.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. It does seem from the article that this woman suffered from major pre-existing conditions which could have ended her life even without COVID-19. So while this article is headlined to scare us into thinking that a normal 19 year-old child died of COVID-19, and while this person will probably be one of the COVID-19 statistics, it might be better to remember that not one healthy person under the age of 26 died of COVID-19 in Israel, and only two people with pre-existing conditions did.

  2. Why always the first thing they do is hook someone up to a ventilator? Doesn’t seem to do much good and the patient usually dies.

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