ARRESTED IN BORO PARK: 15-Year-Old Tries Robbing Kosher Bakery, Then Punches Jewish Child In Park


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A young thug was arrested in Boro Park on Tuesday afternoon, after two violent incidents.

Sources tell YWN that Boro Park Shomrim received a call on their hotline reporting an attempted robbery of Yossies Heimishe Bakery on 18th Avenue and 57th Street. The owner of the establishment says a young teen walked into the bakery and demanded the money from the cash register, and claimed he had a gun in his backpack. The store-owner told him to get lost, and the suspect left the store.

While Shomrim was interviewing the store-owner, Shomrim received another hotline call that a child was just punched in the face in the 18th Avenue Park. The victim stated that the suspect punched him and demanded his money. The description of the suspect matched the description of the suspect in the bakery.

Shomrim canvassed the area, and located him inside the 18th Avenue Park.

At this point, the NYPD had arrived, and Shomrim pointed out their young suspect to authorities – who promptly arrested him.

He will likely be released in 15 minutes, and given tickets to a Met’s game – thanks DeBlasio.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. We must bring back the CHAPTZEM system of the 70’s and 80’s in Williamsburg,under that well working system ,this filthy sewer rat would have had most of his bones broken and would have had all of his teeth lying on the sidewalk,and only after that you call the police or better yet the sanitation take away the garbage

  2. Corona is to blame! We got 6 of what used to be New York’s Fines, now known as New York’s Excess were needed to take on this piece of contamination partially dressed in clothing! What happened to the days when these thugs were taken on by the police instead of treated to all kinds if goodies? Big deal his hands were cuffed; he’ll only do it again too soon.

  3. To chugibugi: Do you really believe it would be good for the Jews if shomrim started breaking bones and knocking out teeth of criminal suspects, even black ones, even ones that ultimately are convicted of serious assaults or robberies? Does Hashem want that?

  4. Mayor De Blasio will just say, “He has been cooped up, so he needed something to do. He is innocent.” Those are the words that will come out of his mouth, and if not that, DUMBER.

  5. huju, yes it will be good for the Jews for these animals to see we won’t stand for this any longer. Williamsburg in the 70’s & 80’s had the right idea. Now we are vulnerable & weak & the thugs know it. The police & the “justice” system don’t do anything to protect us, so we have no choice but to protect ourselves. Oh for the days of the JDL! They were always there for us (they were by me for a Shabbos once as protection.)

  6. Well, lets be real, this is a regular idiot kid who did something idiotic. While he should be subject to the lawful ramifications, we should not blow this outta proportion.
    The kid wanted cash, not a big deal, lets not make him out to have done something more than he did. It helps no-one.

    assault and attempted theft? check. grand mafioso conspirator? not really…