Prominent Doctor Calls On Public To Avoid Isolation By Leaving Phone At Home


Professor Ruthi Shako-Levi, a prominent doctor in Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva called upon the public to take active measures to avoid isolation ahead of the mass protest that took place in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on Motzei Shabbos.

Shako-Levi wrote on social media that protesters should leave their cellphones at home to avoid being instructed to enter quarantine.  “Whoever comes tonight and doesn’t want to go into isolation for two weeks should do himself a favor and leave his smartphone at home.”

High ranking officials in the Health Ministry slammed Shako-Levi’s message to flagrantly disregard the Health Ministry regulations.

Health Ministry Chief of Staff Kobi Tzoref filed a complaint against Shako-Levi, stating that her message was “a serious post encouraging violation of the law in a way that endangers the public.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What law says that you must carry your smartphone with you? I don’t believe there is such a law and therefore advising people to not carry their smartphone is not breaking any law.

    Remember: In a country like the USA if someone is falsely accused of a crime, there is a recourse: He can demand a trial by his peers and can confront his accusers. In Israel, if someone is falsely accused by the Ministry of Health of being on a bus with a person who allegedly has COVID-19, there is no recourse. He is forced to abandon his livelihood for 2 weeks and remain in quarantine. Therefore, turning off cellphones (something that many Rabbis have been recommending for years) is a very good move in order to protect your life and your family!

  2. Since when has caring a cell phone become a legal obligation? Health Ministry Chief of Staff Kobi Tzoref reaction is over the top and tells us more about his fascistic and totalitarian tendencies than about anything else. Public officials have no business criticizing citizens even if they are engaged in unlawful activities. It is the job of the police to enforce the laws. This is clearly and abuse of his public position and may itself be a crime.

  3. there is no law that requires people to carry around a device that gives the government the ability to track your every move and whom you were near.
    yes, that is what your smartphone is to the Israeli government!
    and no you should not carry it around (hashkafic debates aside) if you don’t want the government tracking you. who knows how much farther they will take it? will they start issuing speeding tickets based on NFC chip cellphone data? will they go full Soviet, and start listening in to your every conversation?
    once a government starts grabbing powers like this, it is nearly impossible to stop them

  4. Hello??? The doctor is being called out for telling people to gather without a trace so even if they were exposed to Coronvirus they can still roam freely because no one will know – cuz they won’t be able to track them. You are (purposely?) missing the obvious point. It’s not about smartphones – even kosher phones can be tracked and are tracked.