44 Teens Contract COVID-19 After Private Grad. Parties

Gan Yavne local council (Photo: YesAlexander, Wikimedia Commons)

Forty-four teenagers, including at least 28 from the town of Gan Yavne, located adjacent to Ashdod, tested positive for the coronavirus after attending two private graduation parties, Kan News reported.

The first party was held in Ashkelon earlier this month and a second party was held three days later in Ashdod by the same group of teens.

About 140 other teenagers who attended the parties were instructed to enter quarantine.

Although graduation parties have been banned due to the prohibition of gatherings, students at many high schools secretly planned “undercover” ones, and dozens of teens tested positive for the coronavirus after a clandestine party in Ra’anana.

The head of the Gan Yavne local council, Aharon Dror stated on Tuesday: “The number of confirmed virus patients on the yishuv dramatically increased in the past 24 hours. If the high infection rate continues we’re likely to chalilah reach a severe situation requiring restrictions on the yishuv.”

“Many of the new cases occurred at private youth parties. It’s extremely important to avoid gatherings. We must wake up and change our habits and take responsibility! The police will continue to enforce regulations on the yishuv.”

There were 44 diagnosed virus cases in Gan Yavneh in the past week.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Does “contract” mean they are deathly ill and many will soon die, or that they tested positive and have at worse a “cold”.
    If 1/3 of the people attending the party are now on death’s door, that would be serious news. The media have been confusing testing positive with being seriously ill, scaring many people out of their wits with no reason.

  2. @Akuperma, even if someone doesn’t become seriously ill, if he has the virus he can spread it to others. Eash person who catches the virus from that 1 carrier can then spread it to many more people. If the person has no symptoms, he is less careful and will probably spread it to even more people. That’s why crowds are a such a serious problem.

  3. lakewoodbubby: If the virus only affects 1 in 20 people who become infected, and kills only 1 in 300 infected (note the normal death rate from all causes is roughly 1 in 100 per year, and was a lot higher until recently), there is no reason to close down the society and economy. Schools and businesses should be open. Since the disease is a threat only to the elderly and those seriously ill to begin with, those people, and only those people, need to be isolated and perhaps required to wear real masks (N85 not cute disposable ones) – but the economy should go on. Worldwide, more people are dying from the impact of the shutdowns than from the disease. Tens of millions are facing death by starvation from the collapse of the world economy and the lockdowns.

    To save the life of one person in your shul (assuming a large shul, not a shtiebel),would you close down the shul, require everyone in the shul to give up their parnassah (lose their house and car), keep your children out of school, and all this for a prolonged period – perhaps years, to save one person who is probably going to die of old age in spite of your best efforts.

    We Yidden know about past epidemics. They were life threatening. Covid19 is a nuisance, but not the end of the world