IDF Fires Into Gaza Following Gunfire At Civilians, Soldiers On Border Fence


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IDF soldiers fired mortar shells into Gaza following gunfire at Israelis civilian workers on the Gaza border fence.

“Earlier today, the sound of gunfire toward workers on the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip was heard,” the IDF stated. “The work on the fence was stopped and mortars were fired [to create a smokescreen to evacuate the workers]. Afterward, more gunfire from Gaza was directed at IDF soldiers who rushed to the area. There were no injuries.”

The work on the security barrier has been temporarily halted due to the attacks.

Following the incident, the Eshkol Regional Council announced that all agricultural work near the perimeter fence has been suspended and all roads to the fence have been blocked by the IDF.

“For now and until further notice, there will be no entrance to the border zone throughout the region, including for agricultural work near the security fence,” the council stated.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad later threatened to respond to the “Israeli terror.”

A bunch of balloons with an explosive device attached to them was launched from the Gaza Strip on Shabbos and landed in an agricultural field in Kibbutz Nir Oz. Residents called the police and sappers arrived at the scene and neutralized the device. No injuries were reported.

On Thursday, the IDF bombed a Hamas site in the Gaza Strip in response to the launching of several explosive balloons into southern Israel. The balloons caused several fires in the area.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)