Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Answers Bein Ha’Zemanim Shailos U’Teshuvos


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The Bama publication, which was established with the bracha of Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, submitted a list of questions to HaRav Chaim from Roshei Yeshivos and marbetzei Torah relating to bein Ha’Zemanim and the coronavirus crisis, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

The shailos were presented to Harav Chaim by his sons, Harav Yitzchak Shaul, and his grandson HaRav Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky.


Is it preferable to daven in a yeshivah minyan during Bein Ha’Zemanim or in a tefillas neitz minyan of baalei batim?

HaRav Chaim: Netz.

Someone who has the opportunity to daven with the tzibur but doesn’t have his jacket and hat on him, is it preferable for him to daven b’tzibur or daven afterward b’yechidus with a hat and jacket?

“Hat and jacket.”

Someone who loves to learn at night when it’s quiet but will then end up waking up late for davening, what should he do?

“He shouldn’t delay zeman kriyas shema.”

Limud Bein HaZemanim

What is the appropriate eitzah for avreichim and yeshivah bochurim to learn during Bein Ha’Zemanin? Should they review what they learned during the zeman in yeshivah or kollel, or should they prepare what they will be learning the next zeman or should they learn something special for Bein Ha’Zemanim?

“Learn something special and also review.”

If so, what special learning is appropriate for Bein Ha’Zemanim?

“What they don’t learn in yeshivah.”

Was your father, the Steipler, z’tl, mapkid in his sedarim to learn something special for Bein Ha’Zemanim?

“It’s not known.”

And did the Steipler learn something special with Harav Chaim during Bein Ha’Zemanim?


In light of the pandemic, is it preferable to learn at home or at shul in accordance with health regulations?

“Whatever one prefers.”

What is the main thing that one should be makpid on during Bein Ha’Zemanim?

“To learn with hasmada and to be careful with the zemanei tefillah.”

Is there an inyan to take trips with the children during Bein Ha’Zemanim and in what amount?

“According to the situation. [K’fi ha’inyan].”

Kibbud Horim

A bochur who feels that he is causing tza’ar to his parents because he doesn’t provide them with as much nachas as they expect, is it better for him not to be at home during Bein Ha’Zemanim?

“He should be at home.”

A father who fears that his own children are causing him tzaar because he himself caused tzaar to his parents how can he be metakein his parents [who are still alive]?

“To honor them.”

And what should he do if they’re no longer alive?

“To daven.”

What is preferable, to learn in shul with a chavrusa or to learn at home and thereby cause nachas to his parents?

“If he learns well at home he should learn at home.”

Does a sister need to honor her younger brother who learns Torah who returned from yeshivah?


Preparation for Elul:

Following a period when many people felt a weakening in ruchniyus due to the coronavirus crisis, how should one properly prepare for Elul?

“To learn mussar.”

How much should Rabbanim in yeshivah demand from bochurim during these times? Should they demand the same as they did prior to the outbreak of the pandemic?

“According to the situation. [K’fi ha’inyan].”

How can yeshivah bochurim be encouraged to reach the same achievements they obtained before the coronavirus era?

“To learn with hasmadah.”

How can bochurim can be encouraged to be responsible in yeshiva although currently there isn’t the usual hashgacha due to the situation?

“In a place where there is no man, etc.” [במקום שאין אנשים, השתדל להיות איש – A mishnah in Masechtas Avos].

Emunas Chachamim.

How can talmidim be mechazeik in emunas chachamim and stay far away from belittling talmidei chachamim?

“Through Masechtas Shabbos קי”ט.” [Yerushalayim was destroyed due to the fact that they belittled Talmidei Chachamim there and anyone who is mevazeh talmidei chachamim, there’s no refuah for his makah.]

Many avreichim and large families are finding it difficult to earn a living especially these days of the pandemic. What eitzah can be told to them?

“Through Masechtas Nidah 70.” [What should a person do to become wealthy? He should increase his business and conduct his business dealings faithfully and should request rachamim from the One Who possesses the wealth.”

When a yeshivah is registering bochurim is it preferable to accept only eight strong bachurim or 15 bochurim, including weaker ones?

“B’Rov Am.”

What personal kabbalah is appropriate to be mechazeik in during these days of the pandemic?

“To learn Torah.”

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  1. Someone who has the opportunity to daven with the tzibur but doesn’t have his jacket and hat on him, is it preferable for him to daven b’tzibur or daven afterward b’yechidus with a hat and jacket?

    “Hat and jacket.” How about someone saying קדיש Bar Minon:- Should even he miss מנין and קדיש just for a jat & jacket?

    & how how about someone [even non-חיוב] who has jacket but missing hat:- Should even he miss מנין?