Tefillos Needed: Pittsburger Rebbe Hospitalized, On Respirator With COVID-19


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The condition of the Pittsburgher Rebbe, HaRav Mordechai Mottel Yissachar, 64, who was taken from his home in Kiryat Pittsburgh in Ashdod on Shabbos morning to the hospital after suffering breathing difficulties due to the coronavirus, worsened on Motzei Shabbos.

Pittsburger chassidim gathered at the Pittsburgher beis medrash to recite Tehillim for the Rebbe’s refuah upon hearing the news.

The Rebbe, who contracted the coronavirus despite the fact that he has been davening at home since the pandemic began, is hospitalized in Laniado Hospital in Kiryat Sanz in Netanya.

The public is asked to daven for the Rebbe, Mordechai Yissachar Ber ben Rochel b’soch sha’ar cholei Yisrael.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Gosh, Maybe you know something my Pittsburgher friends don’t know. Headline is sensationalistic – the word I got was that the rebbe is NOT on a respirator. The article doesn’t mention that, but boy you get heads a’turnin with the hysteria. Oh my, why do I keep coming back to your website for information – it cannot be trusted!!!! May the Rebbe heal without the need for such intervention…..

  2. I also heard that the Rebbe Shlita is not and has never been on a respirator. Please check your facts YWN and let us know that either you made a genuine mistake for which you apologize, or that the situation is in fact more serious than appears and more tefillo is urged on the tzibbur. It would be helpful to also let your readers know where your information comes from. Yesterday one of the main Israeli news sites reported that the Belzer Rebbe Shlita was in Hadassah Hospital. The Belz community and the Hospital said it simply was not true. Fake news is bad news!

  3. The rebbe should have a refuah sheleima. Can someone please post the connection the rebbe has to the city of Pittsburgh? I’m curious.