Argentine Rav: “We’re On The Verge Of Complete Despair”

A coronavirus minyan in the Tucumán Province of Argentina.

The Argentine government made a decision last month to allow religious institutions to re-open but gatherings are limited to ten people. Argentine rabbanim are currently worried about how Jewish Argentines, especially those who only have tenuous ties to the community, will maintain their connections during the upcoming chagim.

In an interview with Kikar H’Shabbos, Argentine Rav, Rav Issac Sacca, expressed his fear of how the Jewish community will be able to hold tefillos for the Yamim Noraim.

“Judaism in Argentina has hit a low point during the coronavirus era,” lamented Rav Skeh. “We had no congregation and no shuls – and even now after they re-opened the shuls, the situation is still not good since we can only daven with up to ten participants.”

“You have to understand,” Rav Skeh explained. “The situation here is not like Israel where there are minyanim on every corner. Here it’s only possible to daven in shuls and whoever can’t come to shul has no connections to the community and religion. We’re very nervous about what will happen during the upcoming chagim.”

“I suggested to the authorities that we be allowed to daven in the city squares. That will enable many people to daven with a minyan – in an open area without any problems.”

“I hope that the authorities will accept my suggestion so we can stop worrying and Jews will have where to daven, including those Jews who come to shul only on Yom Kippur – otherwise we’re on the verge of utter despair,” Rav Skeh poignantly concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. First item is to issue a הוראת-שעה that if it is necessary to have different shifts as to who can come to each מנין such that people can only come to Shul once during entire 2 days of ראש-השנה or סוכות, then to allow תקיעת-שופר and ארבע-מינים even 1st day on שבת, and even at מנחה for those whom were not allowed to come in the morning, so no-one becomes even more despondent.