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P’sul Found in Sefer Torah in Rav Kanievsky’s Vosikin Minyan

kannDuring kriyas HaTorah on Shabbos morning parshas Bereshis 5774 the Sefer Torah in HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky’s Shlita minyan was found to be pasul. The Torah in question was brought into the shul a number of months ago and it was the first time Bereshis was being read from it.

It is pointed out that while the Torah was used on Simchas Torah to lain Bereshis, the pasul was found in shlishi so it was undetected on Yomtov.

The Sefer Torah was donated during pashas Mishpatim and it has been used for the vosikin minyan since.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. There are probably many sifrei torah found to be pasul or questionable every Shabbos/yom tov. A few weeks ago, the baal korei at a weekday minyan found an issue with one of the seforim we’ve used for years. What makes this so newsworthy? Was there some special significance to this particular sefer? The article seems to leave out some of the important facts.

  2. baruch hashem for Chazaka. I have seen this happen in new sifre Torah. Maybe it is a mussar for our generation and our sofrim, we have computer hagaha because we need it.

  3. What type of pasul ?, one that may have happened over time (maybe we can base it that it happened on simchas Torah ) or a pasul in the k’siva. I wonder what R’Chaim shlita will do ? will he lein this shabbos all the sedris since Mispotim over ?

  4. While very unfortunate, it shows how difficult it is to ensure the absolute kashrus of the more than 300,000 letters of a sefer Torah and all the more so, the level of kashrus. This Torah was undoubtedly checked by a top examiner, if not by 2, and computer checked 1, if not 2 times, as well. Even with such rigid exams, it is not uncommon for a textual error or a touching or severed letter or word/letters too close/far apart to be overlooked. This happens to the best of sofrim, dealers and examiners. This is also surely a beautiful sefer Torah written by a very experienced, erlich and knowledgeable sofer. Kal vechomer, for seforim that cost less and/or are written by less experienced, etc. sofrim, a very thorough exam regimen is required.

    Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky
    [email protected]

  5. #8, #9; Courtesy of another site, it was a missing yeria from mid bereishis to noach, a malfeasance of a sofer, not a letter or ksav problem.

  6. My point is still valid.

    It is hard who to know who to blame in such a situation. The sewing together of the yerios is the last stage after all the checking and repairs are done. It is possible that the sofer forgot (or misplaced) to give 1 yeria to the one sewing it together or it may have been handled by a middleman and he forgot or 1 yeria was misplaced by the examiner or computer checker or the one sewing may have forgotten to sew it in or he sewed it into the wrong place Somewhere between Breishis and Mishpatim.

    Malfeasance isn’t the appropriate word. It was an oversight, whether b’ones or b’shogeg and certainly wasn’t intentional.

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