DEBLASIO’S JUNGLE: Another Weekend Of Shootings Plagues NYC


Two men were killed in Brooklyn and at least a dozen other people have been wounded in a spate of shootings across the city this weekend.

No arrests have been made in either of the killings, police said.

At least a dozen other people were wounded in eight shootings across the city this weekend, according to police.

As of Friday, the NYPD said they had responded to about 980 shootings in 2020, compared to 530 during the same time last year.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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  2. Fake news. All protests and shootings have been peaceful according to CNN and the Party of Biden. (if you haven’t seen the CNN runner with “mostly peaceful protests” in the text while there is a literal building on fire in the background you either won’t get the sarcasm, or you are a Biden supporter)

  3. Just wait until labor day when the carribean day (jouvert) parade happens in crown heights. The defunded police are in no position to stop anything from going on permit or no permit for this parade.

    In any year a number of people are shot, and arrested. Last year 4 people were shot, and one killed, and thats with the HUGE police presence and lots of preplanning when the parade is permitted by the city. If you live in Crown Heights, leave after havdala and dont return until tuesday morning.

  4. If you live in NY, LEAVE AFTER HAVDALA and don’t return until De Blasio hangs by a noose.
    The police are Defunded, any money they do have is being invested in body cameras, and The police get penalties and layings off, while the thugs run amok NYC.
    And Biden, Harris, De Blackio, and socialists do nothing except aiding and abetting and further instigating this lawlessness, and then blaming it all on Trump.
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