Lhota Wants To Be The Bill de Blasio of The General Election


Joe Lhota could be the Bill de Blasio of the general election, he says.

“No, it’s not all over at all,” said Lhota this morning on Univision radio. “You know, these same polls three months ago showed that Christine Quinn was going to win the primary. And then the following month later, two months ago, Anthony Weiner was going to win the primary. And in both cases, Bill de Blasio was in fourth place. … Like everything in New York it’s a horse race, it comes down to the last two weeks.”

(Capital New York)


  1. …and he can be…if OUR community comes out in force and votes. The fact is, MOST frum people DO NOT VOTE. That is why De Blasio got to where he is. Forget about the very SMALL part of our community who only see elections in terms of how many government programs that they will be eligible for and which candidate will provide them.

    For those who have not yet registered, there is still a very few days to do so.

  2. It boggles my mind to see how many frum people seem to want DeBlasio to win. He’s a progresive communist, for goodness sakes! So he might make some programs available for you, but in the long run, he’s terrible for everyone! Please vote for Lhota!

  3. So many frum people voted for de Blasio in the primers because we have an הכרת הטוב appreciation for his long standing record of good that bill deblasio did for Kalal Yisreal. No one heard anything about communist until Lhota campaign is trying to use that scare tactic. After all he is endorsed by our esteemed rabbis and גדולי הדור and true askunim! Joe Lhota hired top PR people to scare us that he is a communist We don’t buy it. The record say it all. Bill Deblasio a true אוהב ישראל that loves isreal. VOTE BILL De Blasio!!!!