“We Have To Release Patients To Make Room For New Ones,” Israeli COVID-19 Ward Head Says


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The head of the coronavirus ward at Ichilov Medical Center, Dr. Guy Choshen, said that he may have to release patients from the hospital to other settings to make room for more seriously ill patients.

“We have a higher occupancy than usual – about 95% – and it’s getting harder to cope…the number of seriously ill patients has risen as well as the number of patients on ventilators,” Dr. Choshen said on Channel 12 News.

“There’s been a marked change in the last few days, occupancy has increased – and we have to prepare to release patients to various settings, such as other medical settings or hotels. We’re working intensively with the Home Front Command and the Health Ministry and we’re pushing for patients to be released to make room for new patients.”

“We’re opening another coronavirus ward in the coming days and just a few days ago, we converted our ICU into a coronavirus ICU with 18 beds.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)