‘Youth Is Main Force Of Outbreaks,’ Israel’s COVID Czar Says As 8 Teachers Test Positive For COVID

Children wearing masks in Bnei Brak (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

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Coronavirus czar Ronni Gamzu warned on Monday during a Knesset committee meeting that the reopening of Israel’s schools could lead to virus outbreaks among youth who will then infect adults and the elderly.

“Youth is the driving force of coronavirus outbreaks,” Gamzu said, explaining that children and teens often carry the virus but are asymptomatic and unwittingly spread the virus further. “There’s no dam that can hold this current.”

Also on Monday, eight preschool teachers and assistants in Ramat Gan tested positive for the coronavirus during routine tests for all teachers prior to the reopening of preschools and daycares this week, a discovery touted as a success since it was revealed prior to the teachers entering their classrooms.

However, according to the head of Israel’s Private Preschools Union, Chanan Dagan, who called the testing a “failure,” only 3,000 preschool staff members out of 100,000 have been tested but and all schools opened anyway.



  1. Based on this:
    “…discovery touted as a success since it was revealed prior to the teachers entering their classrooms.”
    That would mean that (obviously) they did NOT catch the virus from the students.

    I’ve been reading and watching many doctors asserting that children are the LEAST likely to transmit the virus.

  2. CDC said recently that the chances of complications/death in a child are 0.1 / 100,000 (1 in a million).
    Flu is 5-10 times higher, WITH a vaccine and WITH treatments and no school closures.
    Hashem is sending us a message. We gotta listen