What President Shimon Peres Said About Chacham Ovadia ZATZAL



President Shimon Peres’ commented on Maran ZT”L after returning from Shamgar Funeral Home:

President Peres said, “A few hours ago I went to the hospital to say goodbye to my teacher, my rabbi, my friend Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. It was a difficult time. Tears filled my eyes and my throat was choked with emotion. I held his hand which was still warm and kissed his forehead. When I pressed his hand I felt I was touching history and when I kissed his head it was as though I kissed the very greatness of Israel. Immediately after the fall of the Second Beis HaMikdash there were two greats of the Torah – Yochanan ben Zakai and Yehuda HaNasi. I mention them because they came to the conclusion that for the Jewish people to survive we need to study. Rabbi Yosef symbolized that and acted upon it, he was simply a great man. His greatness wasn’t measured but rather it was felt as a spiritual wind in every corner, lighting up the darkness in unexpected places. When I met him I sensed he was a great man with an unbelievable memory and the wisdom to share his knowledge with others. His contribution was his love for Israel and he solved problems no-one else could solve using his wisdom and spirituality.”

(YWN Israel Newsdesk)


  1. What amazes me are the sick, twisted, misguided comments of individuals that will never find the good in any Jew. If Rav Ovadia was able to treat Mr Peres with respect and dignity, can’t an ignoramous like Shalom2010 do at least that?

  2. To his face then YES but behind his back he does not deserve any respect. He should have been nowhere near the Oron nor should Nir Barkat.

  3. Nothing sick about my comments. Peres is man with blood on his hands. He caused more damage to Klal yisroel through the accursed Oslo agreements then any other individual in recent history. He has no right to get near the Holy body of the Rav ZT”L.

  4. 5, it’s a terrible thing when you can’t even accept good from people.
    BTW, since you mention Oslo, which Israeli religious party voted for Oslo? Hint, the answer is Shas.

  5. We should remember that R Ovadia was one of the torches that led the sephardic world to become scholars who’s primary occupation was learning Torah for its own sake that may otherwise not have been the case. The Sephardic world was primarily made up of layman with leaders that were head and shoulders above the rest. He brought it down to the masses. May he be a maylitz Yosher for all of us as he was in his lifetime.