Head Of Mossad: “Normalization Deal Between Israel & Saudia Arabia Is Close”

PM Netanyahu highlights new aviation options following peace deals, saying: "We're changing the map of the Middle East."/Saudi Crown Prince Crown Prince Mahmoud Bin Salman (Photo: AP)

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Which Arab state will be the next one to sign a normalization deal with Israel? According to a Yisrael Hayom report on Sunday morning, Israel is expecting agreements with Saudia Arabia and Oman in the near future.

Mossad head Yossi Cohen said in closed conversations that a normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia is on the horizon, Channel 12 News reported on Sunday morning.

Cohen added that Saudi Arabia is waiting until after the US election to make the agreement official. Other media reports, including Yisrael Hayom, quoted Israeli officials who said that an announcement is possible prior to the US election.

Channel 12 News also reported on Sunday morning that US-supported normalization talks between Israel and Oman are likely to result in an agreement in the near future as well. That agreement will likely only be announced after the US elections.

To date, it has been reported that although Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is in favor of normalizing ties to Israel, his father, King Salman is opposed and has blocked any progression on a possible agreement. Apparently, the king has made a decision to withdraw his opposition.

Nevertheless, according to all estimations, Saudia Arabia gave the go-ahead to the UAE and Bahrain to reach agreements with Israel, possibly due to the Gulf States’ interest in being part of a US-sponsored diplomatic-security bloc against Iran.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu referred to the new aviation options in light of the recent peace deals between Israel and Gulf states: “We’re changing the map of the Middle East. We will fly east, over Saudi Arabia to Bahrain and India, which will save a lot of time and money. Israel was isolated: We were told we were facing a diplomatic tsunami, and the exact opposite transpired. I am saying here and now — more countries will sign treaties with Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s all occurring before our eyes, from the Yalkut Shimoni:

    “Rabbi Yizchok said: ‘The year that Melech HaMoshiach [Messiah the King] will be revealed, all the nations of the world will be provoking each other. The King of Persia (Iran) will provoke the King of Arabia, and the King of Arabia will go to Edom (the West) to take counsel, but the King of Persia will in turn, destroy the entire world. The nations of the world will be outraged and panicked. They will fall on their faces, and they will experience pains like birth pangs. Israel too will be outraged and in a state of panic and ask, where do we go? But say unto them, “My children, do not fear, ‘Higiyah zman geulatchem’ [the time of your redemption has come]. And in the last redemption will be different from the first which was followed by further bondage and pain. After this last redemption, you will not again experience any further pain or subjugation.”