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Preliminary Probe into Psagot Terror Attack Points to Equipment Failure

psagotFollowing the preliminary investigation into the motzei Shabbos terrorist shooting attack in the Shomron community of Psagot, officials believe the electronic detection fence failed to operate properly. It is reported that the fence did not signal a breach until after the terrorist(s) was inside and fired at 9-year-old Noam Glick.

The Binyamin Council security officials was alerted to the breach in the security fence at 21:20, after the terrorist was already near the Glick home, the closed home to the border fence of the community. He was surprised by Noam and fired at her. At 21:21, a minute later, there was already a call for paramedics, citing the girl was shot, confirming the delay in the signal that the fence was penetrated.

Another failure cited by investigators is that when the yishuv patrol vehicle received the alert call it was unable to respond as it had a water tank attached which was being towed to accommodate a motzei Shabbos Bnei Akiva event in the community. The trailer had to be unhitched before the security vehicle could respond to the terrorist infiltration alert.

The first response unit was activated and a family neighbor, paramedic Shlomo Petrover, the MDA Jerusalem District Commander responded and began treating Noam.

It is also being reported that a knife found near the attack site showed traces of the victim’s blood, which may account for the confusion surrounding the initial reports following the attack which spoke of a stab wound too. In addition, there were reports of security personnel recovering a “makeshift gun”. That turned out to be a cigarette lighter in the form of a gun that was found in the area.

Noam reported she was shot and her father confirms hearing three gunshots. Doctors who treated Noam confirm she was shot, but now that the knife with her blood was recovered they are investigating the possibility that she was also wounded with a knife. Noam also reports the attacker wore a pull over hat and his face was covered. It is believed he ran after she began screaming.

As a result of the equipment failure IDF Yehuda & Shomron Division Commander Brigadier-General Tamir Yedai has ordered an inspection of all electronic detection fences in Yehuda and Shomron, instructing his subordinates to complete the job by Thursday, 6 Cheshvan 5774.

The IDF may also be installing an addition fence in some communities with the hope that second obstacle will slow down terrorists enough that the first responders will be in position before they pass the second fence.

IDF officials report there were 60 infiltrations into communities in Yehuda and Shomron in the first half of 2013.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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