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Inflammatory Hamodia Op-Ed Compares de Blasio To A Nazi Sympathizer

hamodiaIn an inflammatory Op-Ed published in Hamodia, Tuesday morning, Bill de Blasio’s support of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, in the late 80’s, was likened to supporting the Nazis during the Holocaust.

“New revelations about de Blasio’s political past should prompt more New Yorkers to scrutinize his record before going to the polls this November,” writes Dovid Margolin, a freelancer who writes frequent features for the Hamodia magazine, such as community spotlights or issues. “A communist revolution had taken place in the heart of the Americas, and Bill de Blasio was there to help. Yet even today Bill de Blasio describes his experience with the Sandinistas as nothing short of inspiring.”

Imagine if an unrepentant Nazi Party sympathizer would be running for mayor of New York. A product of the ideology that destroyed 25 million people within reach of City Hall would be unthinkable,” Margolin writes, after describing Mr. de Blasio’s ties with the anti-Semitic Sandinistas’ regime. “Yet Bill de Blasio, a Marxist who has never repudiated those beliefs, will very likely be this city’s next mayor.”

“So the question to ask yourself as you enter the ballot box this November is this: Is Bill de Blasio the type of man who has the judgment and character necessary to be the mayor of New York? Does a city full of refugees of communism from all over the world really need a mayor who not only sympathized with but actively promoted the totalitarian regimes under which they suffered? The answer is obviously no,” he concluded.

Reached for a comment, Hamodia’s editor Yochonon Donn told YWN, “Margolin is an outside writer whose opinion does not necessarily reflect Hamodia’s views.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. Moderators Note: Since your comment was meant as a private note (as you yourself said), feel free to email the editors of YWN directly with your thoughts.

  2. There is no question that Bill deBlasio (whose REAL name is William Wilhelm) is an extreme ideologue, like Yair Lapid in Israel. The “Nazi” metaphor was a poor choice.

    So what!

    Hamodia is correct in stating that deBlasio will be a left-wing radical mayor, who will make things very difficult for religious people and small businessmen.

    He has already made it clear that he will restrict school choice for minorities who want to escape poverty by getting a decent education in charter schools.

    He has also made it clear that he will continue the attack on Bris Milah, begun by Mayor Bloomberg.

    Clearly, his values are entirely opposite those of our Orthodox Jewish community.

  3. Reply to No. 5

    I think this piece speaks for itself. YWN is generally very good about distinguishing its news reports from editorial positions. Simply by reporting almost ver batim, the vile commments by Hamodia, one doesn’t have to add editorial commentary

  4. What a chutzpah of Hamodia!!! Bill de Blasio will be the best mayor for the Orthodox Jews. He is from one of us all this years working so close to the Jewish community. There is no wonder that we are losing friends and politicians that do not care anymore of our issues. We always bash our on friends who band backwards to our issues and community. A real chutzpah to have an Op-Ed like this someone should be fired. Because its in responsible and such a sensitive issue that we can all have consequences.

  5. Bklynmom why will Lhota be better and why will Blasio be bad to NY? He served us until now with excellent recored.

  6. LhotaBloomberg2013:

    Your first comment (to suppress free speech) tells us why you support the arch-liberal Bill de Blasio: he too will trample our consititutional rights.

    Lhota will support Yeshivos will de Blasio will not. Period.
    (p.s. I don’t know if you have children in Yeshivos, but based on your writing skills, you definitely attended Yeshiva)

    Lhota gave a full-throated defense of Metzitza B’Peh while de Blasio told each party what they wished to hear.

    What did de Blasio give us? Trash cans?!

    I believe that Dovid Margolin hit the nail on its head.

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