8 Pro-Iran Terrorists Dead In Israeli Airstrikes In Syria [VIDEO]

Illustrative. Syrian air defense missiles in strikes on Damascus in July. (Screenshot)

At least eight pro-Iran fighters were killed in airstrikes attributed to Israel in Syria overnight Tuesday.

The dead were all foreign national members of terror groups and militias supported by Iran, including Hezbollah, according to a report by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The airstrikes, which were carried out close to midnight, targeted pro-Iranian forces southeast of Damascus.

A military base of the Iranian-supported Syrian Resistance for the Liberation of the Golan was hit as well as vehicles near the border belonging to the same group. A missile depot in Jebel el Mania, south of Damascus, was also hit.

The IDF carried out airstrikes in Syria last week against targets belonging to the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian army in response to the discovery of explosives placed by pro-Iranian operatives on the Israeli/Syrian border.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)