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Hezbollah: “The Remainder Of ‘Crazy Trump’s’ Term Is Very Dangerous”

Hezbollah officials are terrified of what may happen in the next month, the last weeks of US President Donald Trump’s term, fearing that he may utilize the time to assassinate their leaders, The Guardian reported on Sunday.

“The coming weeks are the most dangerous period for the last 30 years,” a senior Hezbollah official told The Guardian. “Everyone is worried, and with good reason.”

“Will they try something big in Beirut in the coming weeks? It’s possible and it’s true there are security alerts in Dahiyeh and in the south.”

Dahiyeh is a Hezbollah stronghold in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

“This is all about protecting our leaders. We don’t have anything specific. But there is something in the atmosphere,” another official said.

“We don’t fear death, as you know, but we must protect our leaders and we know that we would be damaged politically if anything happened to them,” a third Hezbollah official said.

“These are dangerous times. Trump is crazy, but he won’t get what he wants. He doesn’t have patience and he doesn’t have time. The Israelis think they’re coming for us. We’re the ones coming for them.”


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  1. I fear the final days of the Trump presidency, as Trump tries to kill American democracy. It would appear that his formerly loyal toadies, e.g., Bill Barr, have jumped ship, but there are other toadies standing by. I think Hezbollah has less to fear than Americans, as Trump seems focused solely on stealing an election, and not on anything else.

  2. Only in liberal/leftist/fantasy alternative universe would trying to regain an election stolen from him be considered an attempt to “kill American democracy”.

    When being rational, though, it is eminently reasonable for the President to use the various legal mechanisms available to attempt to avert the election being stolen from him.

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