Russian Radio Mogul Gregory Davidzon Announces Write-in Candidacy For CD48


gregory davidzonThis is a developing story…

The seat currently held by outgoing council member Mike Nelson is seeming to become a hot seller. Russian radio mogul and the once considered kingmaker in the Russian community, Gregory Davidzon announced, Thursday afternoon, that he’ll be running as a write-in candidate for the 48th City Council district, on November 5th.

Davidzon, who initially backed Democratic District Leader (ad45) Ari Kagan in the Democratic primaries, told his listeners on the radio that since the candidate he backed — as the most qualified candidate in his eyes — lost the Democratic nomination, he sees himself as the only viable candidate to represent the constituents in what’s called the “Super Russian” district.

A campaign insider told YWN (off the record) that Mr. Davidzon will be rolling out some non-Russian elected officials’ endorsements in the coming future to indicate he’s a serious candidate.

“We’re not interested in talking about our opponents,” a spokesperson for Democratic candidate Chaim Deutch told YWN. “What we’re interested in is talking to the residents of southern Brooklyn and listening to their concerns about the critical quality of life issues the district faces and how to best address them.”

YWN reached out to the campaign of Republican David Storobin as well as Mr. Davidzon. We will update our readers as we receive an official response.


“I realize that this is an unusual undertaking, however, I was encouraged by many members of the community − ordinary residents and political leaders − to run,” said Mr. Davidzon in a press release. “While I do have the backing of elected officials from both political parties, I made it clear to them that I always have been and will remain independent; focused fully on what is best for the community and the people.”

​​​​​​​​​ “My experience as a businessman, with a proven track record of creating hundreds of jobs for New Yorkers, combined with my years of work in our community and established relationships with the area’s elected officials make me the most qualified candidate. With our economy far from robust, still suffering after Sandy, and with the city entering the post-Bloomberg era, it’s vital that our community be represented by a Councilman who understands the economy, knows the issues – local and citywide – and has a record of getting things done,” Davidzon stated.​

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Is this good for chaim Deutsch? or bad on one hand now Russian district may be split up an chaim has a better chance? Or is this guy going to unite Russian against strobin

  2. I sense that it has little effect on the outcome of the election if all registered voters in our community actually turn out and vote for the frum candidate who happens to be the most qualified of the now 3 candidates.

    Chaim isn’t appealing only to the frum community, but to all residents of the district. And he has a solid record of accomplishment. This isn’t a Russian district, or a Jewish district, but a City Council district.

    Please speak to your friends and neighbors in the district and urge them to vote on November 5th at least for the City Council candidate in a race where their vote is certain to count.

  3. No one will agree with me but I think this is great news for Storobin. For those following campaign, the main problem Storobin has been fighting is mobilizing the Russian vote. Everyone knows that if lots of Russian people come out to vote they will outnumber the Modern Orthodox votes for Chaim Deutsch.

    No Republicans would vote for Deutsch or Davidzon.
    Some Russian Democrats may vote for Davidzon but they will be cannibalizing votes from Deutsch.
    Other Democrats will probably vote for Deutsch.

    Now that Davidzon is discussing the election on the radio all day, Russian people will actually know that there is an election on Nov. 5 and come out to vote.

    Davidzon is doing a huge favor in terms of Get Out The Vote campaigning for Storobin. Once Russian people get to the polls, only a very small percentage will vote for Davidzon. People that vote for Davidzon would not have voted for Storobin anyway.

    In Russian community, every knows lies that Davidzon told about Storobin to help Fidler and Felder.

    If I were a huge Chaim Deutsch supporter like yaakov and LanaM, I would do the follwoing:
    1. Call all Democrat voters again to make sure that they do not vote for Davidzon
    2. Thwart Davidzon election day fraud tactics so that he does not steal votes from Deutsch
    3. Organize debate so that people could realize that Deutsch is a much better candidate than Davidzon

  4. From a Russian news source:

    Davidzon has spent the last several days making phone calls to those in both parties seeking endorsement, having won several prominent ones already from both parties. But, our source, who was also approached, said that Davidzon disclosed that he has no hopes for winning the race, only at causing Republican contender David Storobin to lose.