Overtaking Bahrain, Israel Leads The World In Vaccinations Per Capita

The Gadol HaDor's grandson, Rav Aryeh Kanievsky, is vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Israel has overtaken Bahrain in the percentage of its population that has been vaccinated against the coronavirus and is currently leading the world in its vaccination rate, Globes reported on Monday.

Bahrain was the global leader in its vaccination rate until the end of last week. Since Bahrain was one of the first countries to approve the Pizer vaccine, independently of the FDA decision, Pfizer promised the tiny Gulf state rapid delivery of its vaccinations.

According to Globes, Bahrain paid the same price for the Pfizer vaccines as Israel.

Meanwhile, the rate of vaccinations in Europe is much lower, with the EU only beginning its vaccination campaign on Sunday of this week, albeit at a low volume.

One of the reasons why the EU countries are behind other countries is that they carried out the procurement and distribution of the vaccines jointly. While this method aided them in obtaining a huge volume of vaccines at a competitive price, the process of equalizing the terms and conditions of multiple countries was a lengthy process.

Israel administered 98,916 vaccinations on Sunday, increasing the total amount of vaccinations in Israel to 379,000 – a week into its vaccination campaign.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‏‏ said on Motzei Shabbos that his goal it that about 150,000 Israelis will be vaccinated per day, inoculating over 2 million Israelis by the end of January.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)