SHOCKING: 2 Shuls In Petach Tikvah Ransacked, Sifrei Torah Desecrated


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Two shuls in Petach Tikvah were vandalized overnight Sunday, with Sifrei Torah desecrated by being thrown on the floor, and money from tzedaka boxes and silver ornaments stolen.

The shocking incidents occurred at two adjacent shuls on Shlomtzion Street in the Kfar Avraham neighborhood of the city.

“Unfortunately, we were exposed to difficult scenes after two batei knesset suffered break-ins in our city, Ahavat Daniel and Chen HaTzafon,” said Petach Tikvah Mayor Rami Greenberg.

“As can be in the photo, the burglars weren’t satisfied with just taking money but also desecrated Sifrei Torah. Such an incident cannot be tolerated and Petach Tikvah security officials and the police will do everything possible to bring the despicable thieves to justice.”

In the video below obtained by B’Chadrei Chareidim, the Gabai of one of the shuls, who discovered the horrible scene, can be heard crying over the incident.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Clearly this fellow who has already quite literally composed his קינה literally 1/2 year to the very day from the 9 days doesn’t have to fast, but the salacious perp needs to fast for the rest of his life non-stop, and also be thrown onto the floor under these dividing fences as s/he despicably did to the Holy ספרי-תורה.