WATCH: HaRav Chaim: “Even If The Husband Is Opposed, Women Should Get Vaccinated”


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As YWN has reported, at least 16 women in Israel who contracted the coronavirus while pregnant are now critically ill, a phenomenon attributed to the British variant. Some of the women had their babies delivered by emergency C-section and the babies are also in serious condition. The women are all Chareidi as the British variant has rapidly spread through the Chareidi sector in Israel.

Israel’s Health Ministry has recommended that pregnant women get vaccinated, a move approved by both HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky and HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein.

Rav Elyakim Levanon, the director of Bonei Olam, and Prof. Adrian Shulman, the chairman of the Israel Fertility Association, visited the home of HaRav Chaim on Monday to consult with the Gadol HaDor about the situation.

Prof. Shulman, one of Israel’s leading experts on fertility, requested that HaRav Chaim call on the Chareidi public for young women to be vaccinated due to the rise in cases of young women becoming seriously ill after contracting the virus during pregnancy.

“[The virus] is particularly dangerous at the end of the pregnancy – in the last few months,” Prof. Shulman told HaRav Chaim. “We’re recommending that women get vaccinated prior to becoming pregnant or after the 15th week of pregnancy. They shouldn’t get vaccinated at the beginning of a pregnancy.”

Prof. Shulman also told HaRav Chaim that the antibodies against the coronavirus begin to decrease after six months so even if a woman already had the virus, she should be vaccinated after six months have passed.

The specific shailos that HaRav Chaim answered are the following:

Should a nursing woman be vaccinated?

HaRav Chaim: Yes.

If a husband is opposed to his wife being vaccinated, is she permitted to do so without informing him?

HaRav Chaim: Yes.

Women who don’t want to be vaccinated are harming themselves?

HaRav Chaim: It’s pikuach nefesh. They’re obligated to be vaccinated.

Should a pregnant woman who recovered from the coronavirus over six months ago be vaccinated?

HaRav Chaim: Yes.

Someone who won’t be vaccinated – can it be said that he/she is endangering the lives of others?

HaRav Chaim: Correct.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why do you write simply “coronavirus” without identifying it correctly as the Wuhan coronavirus, but you have no problem identifying this variant as “British”? That is pure hypocrisy. If there’s something wrong with saying that the original virus comes from China then the same thing must be wrong here. And yet you change policies in mid-sentence! And you can’t blame this one on AP; this is YWN’s own writing.

  2. Does anyone else notice that it’s only chareidi pregnant woman who are dying of corona? Does this seem eerily familiar to those who are knowledgeable of the Maimonides corona scandal?

  3. Babies, they see the camera the he tells them to put on the masks, make up your mind is a mask important wear it all the times not only when the camera sees you

  4. I hope with all my heart that the video above will convince people to get vaccinated. That said, it is imperative to realize that the way the videoed conversation took place is a zilzul gadol to Moreinu HaRav Chaim, shlit”a, and a chillul Hashem she’ein k’dugmaso — v’ein kan hamakom l’ha’arich; ayain my and others’ earlier posts on other YWN pages.

  5. Too bad that Rav Chaim, shlita only has access to allopathically-trained health advisors. These vaccines place a toxic load on the body, and the effects wear off over time as well (as mentioned in the article).

    Privately-funded research shows little efficacy as well as possibly significant side-effects and even long-term dangers–aside from the fact that these all work by stimulating the immune system in unnatural ways and that rDNA has never been used before and is generally untested.

  6. Sorry, the way the videoed conversation took place is a chillul hashem not merely because (as I mis-implied in my above post) of the general relevant points outlined on my and others’ earlier posts on other YWN pages, but also because of the way the professor (who I’m sure is an amazing and wonderful person with limitless zechuyos) brazenly fed the gadol hador words and actually contradicted him when he said things not exactly to his (the professor’s) liking. I do not mean to besmirch the good professor, but zilzul must be protested zealously. I hope the good professor will forgive me.

  7. So they don’t give the Rav any information about the dangers, just pushing their agenda , to kill these unborn babies and then sterilize the mothers. What a sham.
    Then you have a rav who is willing to go to rav Chaim to discuss all the dangers associated with the vaccine, but of course they won’t let him on. This grandson of his is a rotzeach. Working for the NWO. Corrupt , like many of these people who think they have power. A sad time for the Jews when they find out they were duped. And notice how they only want the chareidi women to get the vaccine . Not surprised . Just sterilize the entire population, that part of Bill Gates plan.

  8. Seems like all the anit-vaxers and kindrid crazies thrown off the other social media sites have migrated to the CR. So the Rav has become a part of the deep state and is collaborating with the crooked medical establishment and ruthless drug companies to sterilize Chareidi Women?? Welcome to the yiddeshe version of QAnon.

  9. PLEASE PLEASE do not take a psak for sakanas nefashos from a video!! People in Bnei Brak know the truth behind all these videos which are a huge zilzul to the gadol hador. Please ask your own shaylos with ALL the relevant information and dangers that doctors are warning about (they are unfortunately not able to go public with their opinions.)

  10. I heard from someone living in Bnei Brak who helps with COVID that woman are LOSING their babies from taking the vaccine.. .Did they mention this to R’ Chaim on the video? Do your research about the truth. The “variant” is people getting a different form of the virus after taking the vaccine — much harder to treat.

  11. Why don’t they ask about wearing a mask?
    I have a strong feeling that he would say yes?

    And goodness gracious, even the doctor wasn’t wearing a mask until they said put one on. So he half did so. Ridiculous.
    Like all the doctors in my doctors office? You know the one who actually was given a platform on ywn about about the importance of wearing masks?

    Go to his office. The hypocritical bal gavah wears nothing on his face. He literally shamed the jewish community for not taking precautions, and now flaunts it. Feh.

  12. Yaapchik:
    No, this is not emunas chachamim; it is, if anything, silliness, if not outright, idolatry.

    The WZO vote fiasco which immediately preceded Covid has taught for all time until Mashiach comes that you can’t trust any answer to a shaila unless either you asked it, or you know what shaila was asked and details/background provided.

    By the WZO vote, people claimed that Rav Chaim said to vote, despite over a century of universal precedent to not vote. But Rav Aharon Feldman, who stated he’d be machnia his daas to Rav Chaim, recently issued a strong rebuke against that alleged heter to vote and, at the time, said there is no way Rav Chaim said you could vote unless the shaila was asked improperly/wrong facts.

    Asei licha Rav means a competent local “Orthodox” Rabbi who knows you and the details of your question, and can thus issue a ruling. Emunas Chachamim means to follow that, not what some Internet video shows.

  13. To millhouse: The british variant is now being called the kent variant, the area in uk where it appeared. However leave it to the brits to complain. They’ve had no problem because no one can control a mutation.
    Re: R Chayim’s latest piece. Unfortunately, everybody knows he is being manipulated. It is indeed a scandal.
    However it should be mentioned that the WHO recently directed that pregnant women should not receive vax.

  14. How many hours/days does it take you guys to approve a post? Are you short of staff due to the plandemic or is it the content of my posts that is sitting wrong with you? This is disgraceful!!!

  15. YWN are untrustworthy to publicize uncomfortable truth. Two of my comments filled with truth from chazal that would apply to the situation we are in were denied. That just shows that they are bought as well. We are at the beginnings of another totalitarian system (this time worldwide) where the truth from the sifrey kodesh is offensive. Shame on you YWN.

  16. the bizayon here is not about yes vax or no vax..these are shaalos that affect the “DOR” if sar hatora reb chaim shlita had the koach to listen to 4 trusted senior frum docs in the field hear out their presentation and be machria great… but as you see in the video reb chaim is barely looking at the doc. & surely not hearing what he is trying to say.. while the einiklach are ratteling off shaalos .. this is similar to the video a few weeks ago with rav edelstien who said ” lefakayach ainee yochol” and the ads went out under the nesius… mexico…