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7 ID Card Forgery Suspects Remain in Custody

jail3Seven of the eight persons arrested during a raid on Tuesday evening in Beit Shemesh are being held in custody. An eighth suspect has been released. Suspects include men and women.

Commando police raided two apartments in 14 Ohr Somayach Street in the Kirya Chareidis area of Beit Shemesh on Election Day evening 5774. Police announced uncovering a forgery operation to manufacture forged teudat zehut identity cards for use in the election. In addition, police found different articles of clothing and disguises, apparently to facilitate the bogus voting of imposters using the forged identity cards.

Seven of the suspects were brought before the Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Wednesday morning, 19 Cheshvan.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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