Police Arrest 14 Suspects In Near-Lynch Of Arab Driver On Purim Night

Police raid (Screenshot)

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In a police raid in the early hours of Thursday morning, dozens of officers raided the homes of 12 suspects who are suspected of being involved in attacking an Arab driver in Jerusalem on Purim, which led to the death of passerby Itamar Ben-Abu, z’l.

The police arrested two additional suspects on Thursday morning.

Five of the suspects are minors. Some of the suspects were also allegedly involved in other cases of violence and rioting on Purim and other occasions in recent months.

The arrests were made after police gathered evidence from security cameras in the area, on the corner of Shivtei Yisrael and Rechov Hachoma HaShlishit. The suspects all live in the area where the incident occurred.

The Arab driver, Ibrahim Hamed, was released from police custody on Tuesday evening to house arrest and it is believed that he will not be charged for Ben-Abu’s death.

Hamed, who said that he had no intention of harming anyone and was just trying to save his life, told Channel 13 News: “The death of Itamar Ben Abu breaks my heart.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. These comments are disgusting. Why not wait for the investigation and trial before casting blame on Torah Jews? Isn’t that in line with the halacha? If you think you can rely on the police media department you are simply ignorant.