Netanyahu Makes Historic Visit To Meron, Davens For Success In Elections [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made a historic visit to the tzion of Reb Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron on Wednesday afternoon together with Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana.

The prime minister has been traveling throughout Israel as part of his election campaign, participating in at least four Likud campaign events a day. He took advantage of his engagements in the north of the country on Wednesday for a special visit to the tzion of the Rashbi, accompanied by heavy security.

The last time that Netanyahu visited Meron was on Lag B’Omer of 1996 when he was campaigning for leadership of the country for the first time.

Netanyhau whispered a silent tefillah together with Ohana and afterward lit several candles.

“L’illui nishmei niftarei corona,” the prime minister said,” and for the refuah of coronavirus patients and for the refuah of my wife. (Sara Netanyahu is recovering from an appendectomy.)

Netanyahu also davened for his and the Likud’s success in the March 23 election.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)