Business, GOP Establishment: Tea Party Is Over


teapA slice of corporate America thinks tea partyers have overstayed their welcome in Washington and should be shown the door in next year’s congressional elections.

In Michigan, longtime businessmen Brian Ellis and David Trott are challenging hardline conservative Reps. Justin Amash and Kerry Bentivolio in Republican primaries. This comes after three years of frustration over GOP insurgents roughing up the business community’s agenda. That all came to a head with the 16-day partial government shutdown and the threat of a national financial default.

The Michigan races are a turnabout after several years of widely heralded contests in which right-flank candidates have tried to unseat Republican incumbents they perceive as not being conservative enough.



  1. The country club/Wall Street Republicans have always been strongest in states such as New York (Rockefeller, Pataki, Javits, etc.) and California (Nixon). They’ve been strong in Illinois (Dirksen, Percy). It’s rather clear that the Country Club Republicans have collapsed even their own territory. In recent years, they haven’t even been able to find serious candidates.

    For the Country Club/Wall Street types, the question is whether they’ll ally with the Limosine Liberals (who go to the same country and work in the same firms), perhaps as a third party distinct from the “Progressive Democrats”? However without the support of the Sam’s Club Republicans (who happen to be the very same people as the “Tea Party” Republicans), the Country Club/Wall Street types have no chance of winning and will see their lifestyle eroded as the “progressive” (a.k.a. quasi-socialists) entrench themselves.

  2. Yeah Moose because it is so ignorant and stupid, to side with most Americans and to support following the Constitution and to defend our rights as the Tea Party does, isn’t it?

    How stupid of them to not go along with the liberal loser Republicans who keep lying to the people to get elected as fake conservatives, and keep giving the anti American, Democrats, everything they want and taking more and more of our rights away.

  3. It should be noted that in the aftermath of periods of hypeinflation mixed in with an overbearing Federal government that didn’t respect civil liberties, the German people all became such fanatical “tea party” types (based on their program of fiscal responsibility and respect for civil liberties), that after 65 years, it is still political suicide in Germany to advocate fiscal irresponsibility or ignoring their strict “Data protection” laws. Hopefully the US won’t haved to gets its economy trashed and its cities levelled before it adopts the Tea Party platform of fiscal responsibility and restricting government encroachment of individual rights.

  4. No. 6: What, literally, are you talking about? The rise of the Nazis in 1933? The rise of the Social Democrats in 1949? 65 years after what?

    And how, in your ideological view, does the Germany of 2013 maintain such a strong welfare state and fiscal soundness? I believe your ideology would consider that an impossibility. Perhaps you can clarify this for us.