Indictment Filed Against “Therapist” Of Chareidi Father Who Murdered Son

Scene of the crime in Kiryat Gat. (ZAKA)

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Israel Police filed an indictment on Sunday against the practitioner who treated the Chareidi father from Kiryat Gat who murdered his 14-year-old son during a psychotic fit, apparently while under the influence of dangerous drugs.

The practitioner, a 38-year-old resident of Gush Etzion whose name has so far been banned from publication, was arrested by police investigators for allegedly providing his clients with dangerous drugs without any authorization for doing so.

Following the arrest of the practitioner, Attorneys Yehudah Fried and Tal Gabay, who are representing the father, stated that “today it is now clear that it is the practitioner, who drugged the father under the guise of medical treatment, who is guilty of the horrible murder. These drugs caused the father to suffer a severe psychotic attack which led to the horrific result of a father murdering his son due to delusions and hearing voices.”

After gathering testimonies and evidence from other clients treated by the suspect, the police uncovered his mode of operation, according to which he would leave MDMA drugs on the table in the room where he treated his clients. The clients would take the drugs during the sessions, for which they paid the suspect thousands of shekels.

The suspect has no certification or training to treat clients suffering from emotional or mental disorders.

The indictment included six charges for criminal offenses of the export, import, trade, and supply of dangerous drugs.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This horribly sad case illustrates the need for government involvement in health- and medicine-related areas of our lives. Without oversight, and prosecution when necessary, anyone can get up there and tell people how they can help and cure people. And these kinds of people are hard to “disprove”, since of the dozens of people they “treat”, surely some of them will have good experiences and will tell others; those who don’t have positive outcomes will most likely just forget about it – they’re not going to go publicize how silly they were for going to a quack. And so this kind of stuff spreads. Most of their work is probably not hurtful, just it doesn’t help much. And then we have the extreme cases where this happens. These people need to be stopped, and government (not private citizens just choosing to see them) involvement is unfortunately necessary.

  2. To M

    People who have Government license kill plenty, they are just safe from liability. What happened during Corona in the hospitals is the obvious example of it, since it happened in mass. But medical mistreatment, taking advantage of vulnerable patients, prescribing expensive unnecessary procedures, is the typical practice of licensed procticioners, especially when they can just bill insurance.

  3. As someone with a masters degree in clinical psychology, as well as personal experience with a number of therapists and as one myself – and as someone who knows this therapist personally – I say that this article shows a lack of sensitivity and the author should be indicted for מוציא שם רע.
    The therapist indicted here may not have credentials, and the horrible tragedy that took place may have been a result of malpractice, but he is a therapist in every sense of the word – one of the best I’ve ever encountered.
    I agree that there needs to be better regulation and that going against the law is wrong, but to demonize this man is to demonize the best of surgeons who make a mistake one day and someone dies on their watch. I bet that wouldn’t merit an impalement on this website.