Israeli Air Force Debuts Advanced Spy Plane, Developed Over 9 Yrs.

An air traffic controller directs an ‘Oron’ spy aircraft down a runway at the Nevatim air base in southern Israel on April 4, 2021. (IDF spokesperson)

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The Israeli Air Force debuted a new advanced spy plane on Sunday that is capable of carrying out sophisticated reconnaissance missions in countries in the Middle East that don’t directly border Israel, including Iran, Iraq and Yemen.

The reception ceremony was held at the Nevatim airbase in the Negev desert.

The plane, called the Oron, a Gulfstream G550 Aerospace, is equipped with data collection equipment and sensors capable of swiftly locating enemy targets in all weather conditions. The Oron, which will be operated by the Israeli Air Force’s 122nd Squadron, was developed over nine years by the IDF, Defense Ministry and weapons contractors.

“The IDF and the air force already have a variety of intelligence collection capabilities, but the Oron strengthens our superiority and our ability to operate in the second and third tiers and to move between fronts rapidly and over a long period of time,” said IAF Commander Amikam Norkin.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)