Kiryat Gat Father Who Murdered Son Deemed Unfit To Stand Trial

Scene of the crime in Kiryat Gat. (ZAKA)

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The opinion of the district psychiatrist was presented at a hearing held at the Ashkelon Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday stating that the Kiryat Gat father who murdered his son amid a psychotic fit is unfit to stand trial.

The psychiatrist stated his opinion that the father is not capable of following legal proceedings, elaborating that after the father took drugs that were presented by his therapist as a natural remedy, he suffered a significant change in his mental state.

The practitioner was arrested by police investigators for allegedly providing his clients with dangerous drugs without any authorization for doing so.

In light of the father’s state, the court ordered an extension of his hospitalization. Another hearing regarding the extension of his detainment, the indictment, and his fitness to stand trial will be held on Sunday in the Be’er Sheva district.

“The opinion from the district psychiatrist received today states that the father is not fit to stand trial,” attorneys Yehuda Fried and Tal Gabay stated. “The fact that several weeks have passed since the murder was committed and the father is still not fit to even stand trial is an indication of his severe mental state at the time of the murder, which was caused by the drugs given to him under the guise of a natural remedy by the charlatan practitioner.”

“The drugs caused not only the psychotic attack but their harm is evident until today and the father is still in a difficult state. We are confident that the prosecution will exhaust the fullest extent of the law with the practitioner who is responsible for the criminal treatment and its horrific outcome – the murder of a 14-year-old boy in his sleep.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Israel is full of charlatans that masquerade as something they are not. Years ago I was looking for a Kosher omega oil. Before i knew it I was being led to sign up as a wholesaler of an unknown, unlabeled sage based Omega oil. When I realized there was no dose information and actually no other information I refused to sign up.
    There was a claim that being sage based it was real Omega 3 oil but sidestepped the negative concerns with fish based oil!

  2. After already receiving so much backlash from multiple members for posting the original article, YWN continues to develop this freaky story.