Pompeo: “While I Was Briefing Trump, Kerry Was Briefing Iran About Israeli Operations”

Fox News screenshot

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was interviewed on Fox News regarding the furor that arose following the shocking claim of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif about John Kerry’s actions during his tenure as Obama’s secretary of state in a recently leaked recording, saying he was “astonished” when Kerry told him about secret Israeli operations.

“It seems like this recording confirmed what we already believed, that while I was briefing President Trump, Kerry was briefing Zarif on intelligence that related to Israeli operations,” Pompeo said.

“I hope that’s not true. John Kerry needs to come forward. He needs to speak to the American people and explain to them why he was meeting with Zarif and what he was talking about. We know he did that, he’s admitted as much.”

Pompeo explained that he believes that Kerry was telling Zarif just to hang on through Trump’s presidency and avoid negotiating with the Trump team because the US pressure will end when [the Democrats] win the election.

“So Kerry has an awful lot of explaining to do,” Pompeo asserted. “There’s no reason to think that these remarks that Zarif made were wrong – they were made in private and he didn’t think they would come out. He was truly surprised that he didn’t know about these Israeli operations until Secretary of State Kerry told him about them.”

When Pompeo was asked why Biden, Kamela Harris, and Kerry would want to resume the Iran deal and give billions of dollars to the Iranian mullahs without receiving anything in return, he responded: “The Jewish homeland is under threat if we give the Iranians this money and it reduces American security as well.”

“For the life of me, I don’t understand why they would give the Iranians something for almost nothing – just to say they did this deal – the crown jewel of when Kerry was secretary of state. It would be a big mistake and it puts Americans at risk.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Now all the sudden Iran is the most trustworthy government on earth.
    Kerry says there was never such a conversation and Israel itself had said in September 2018 that they had attacked Iranian assets in Syria 200 times so it was no deep secret.

  2. My first reaction to this news was anger and righteous indignation.
    But then I stopped and asked myself, how is a Yid expected to react to this news?
    If we realize that this treacherous covod-seeking clown is just a puppet in the Hand of HaShem encouraging us to do teshuvah, then HaShem will protect us. Otherwise, “im tailchu imi KERRY” — if you say these these are just natural occurrences, then we need to be very afraid.

  3. Merrick Garland is a complete fraud and Chris Wray is as corrupt as they come, so NOTHING will happen to “both sides both sides” Kerry. They are just too busy searching and searching for some inaccuracies in President Trumps personal tax return from 1978. That’s much more important for the safety of this Nation.

  4. I don’t understand….Pollard sat for years in jail for giving intel to the Israelis…but Kerry gets off scot free for giving intel to the Iranians?

  5. The news about Kerry’s alleged disclosures is stale old news, going back to 2015. If there were any truth to it, why did the Trump justice department not prosecute Kerry? Was it too busy “locking up” Hillary? And FYI, Kerry has denied the allegations.

  6. RT and Huju, do you seriously expect anyone to accept that you believe Kerry’s denial?! Are you really that stupid or dishonest? He’s very obviously lying. Zarif had no reason at all to lie to his interviewer. If he says he was surprised by Kerry’s news then we can be 100% sure that he was.

    Yes, RT, it was a secret. It was such a secret that Zarif had no idea about it. Where did you get the assumption that this took place after September 2018? You pulled it out of your lying behind, that’s where.

    And no, Huju, it doesn’t go back to 2015. This is brand new news, that nobody knew about during the Trump years; if the DOJ had known about it then, Kerry would have been charged.