“People Were Crushed To Death Before My Eyes” – Survivors Of The Harrowing Scenes Talk

Injured survivor said: "All I could think was that I didn't want my child to be a yasom."

“Bodies were lying under my legs. It’s impossible to describe in words what happened there,” one of the survivors of the terrible disaster at Meron told Channel 12 News. “I saw people that were injured and then the color disappeared from their faces.”

“I was standing a meter away from the site of the disaster,” a witness to the scene said. ” I saw people crushed before my eyes. I still haven’t stopped shaking.”

One injured survivor told Kan News: “It started with extreme crowding. I was lying under a lot of people. I was lying on someone who wasn’t breathing. There was screaming and chaos. I saw children lying under me. The only thing that I could think about was I didn’t want my child to be a yasom.”

“This was the worst incident I’ve ever experienced,” a Hatzalah member said. “We simply ran from resuscitation to resuscitation. We left one body and ran to the next one. I can’t remember such a terrible incident. The Hatzalah members were falling apart as they tended to the wounded.”

“Masses of people were pushed into one corner and fell one on top of another,” Dvir, 25, a witness to the scene, told Army Radio. “There were stairs there and the people on the top fell and were injured the worst, the people on the second level after them…I was on the second level and I thought I was going to die.”

Another witness from Beit Shemesh said in a radio interview: “The whole time there were people passing through and everything was going smoothly. Suddenly there was terrible crowding. I looked up and saw five police officers who were simply standing there and stopping people from passing.”

“People begged, cried, screamed that they’re going to die, that they can’t breathe, but they didn’t open the passageway. Children were fainting in their parents’ arms. When the police finally allowed people through, everyone collapsed one on top of the other.”

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[“People Were Crushed To Death Before My Eyes” – Survivors Of The Harrowing Scenes Talk]

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  1. At the Levaya of Rabbi Vosner also people were crushed because they were going down the steps through a narrow passage way. In Meron it was similar, many people were using the exact same route. The amount of people that attended that funeral, was obviously less than the huge masses in Meron. The more people that attend means more people can get injured.