Family Violates Quarantine, Spreads Chilean Mutation In Israel

Illustrative. Israel Police at home of alleged quarantine violator. (Photo: Israel Police)

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Six members of an Israeli family returned to Israel from Portugal and were found positive for the Chilean variant of the coronavirus, which hadn’t yet spread in Israel

The family member, residents of Hefer Valley in central Israel, did not adhere to quarantine requirements and infected at least seven others with the Chilean variant.

The investigation showed that the family members had initiated social gatherings, during which at least one girl was infected, and had family friends over to visit. Additionally, two of the children had contact with their classmates from school outside their home.

Altogether, the family members were in contact with at least 24 people, of whom seven had been diagnosed with the Chilean coronavirus variant, some of them unvaccinated adults.

The details of the incident have been passed to Israel Police who are investigating the incident.

The Health Ministry stated last week that the nature of the Chilean variant is still unknown regarding its implications for those who haven’t been vaccinated or have recovered from the coronavirus.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)