Religious Tourniquet: A Double Miracle Facilitated By A Head Covering

Lian Ben Moshe (L.) tells reporters how Galia Levy (R.) saved her daughter's life with her head covering. (Screenshot)

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As rockets rained on central Israel on Tuesday night, Lian Ben-Moshe, a resident of Holon, was on the way to her mother’s home with her three-year-old twin girls, Orian and Ariel. Her mother, unlike her, has a sealed room in her apartment and Ben-Moshe decided to spend the night there.

Unfortunately, on the way there, a rocket hit the street near her car, sending shrapnel in all directions. One of the pieces of shrapnel pierced her car, cutting the main artery in Orion’s neck. Lian, whose leg was injured in the incident, managed to extricate her two children from the car and scream for help. Orian was critically injured and was bleeding profusely from her neck.

A Chareidi woman, Galia Levy, who knew Lian from the salon she runs, was driving nearby with her husband when the rocket hit and saw Lian and her children. Galia and her husband jumped out of their car to assist. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Galia removed her head covering and used it as a tourniquet to stop the life-threatening bleeding, saving Orion’s life.

“I was on the way to my parents and there was a siren,” Lian told Walla. “I took the two children out. Galia and her husband, the tzaddikim, saw my crisis and came and took Orian. We were all injured. She stopped my daughter’s bleeding in the zechus of her head covering – it was a neis. My daughter wouldn’t have made it without her.”

Galia says that Orion also saved her and her husband’s life. When they got out of the car to help the family, they didn’t realize that a piece of shrapnel has also struck their car. Minutes after they left the car, it exploded.

Orian was hospitalized in Wolfson Hospital in critical condition. Her condition has improved since then but she remains hospitalized.

Below is a photo of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visiting Orian:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is the reverse of a Chosid Shoteh – she took off her head covering to save a life. Kol haKavod, and may all the injured have a Refu’a Sheleima.

    an Israeli Yid

  2. BTW, I think you meant that the head covering was used as a bandage, not a tourniquet – the use of a tourniquet on the neck is not generally good for one’s long-term survival prospects…

    an Israeli Yid