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Tel Aviv Police Fraud Unit To Investigate Karlin-Stolin Disaster

The fraud unit of the Tel Aviv Police District will investigate the bleacher collapse at the newly renovated Karlin-Stolin shul on Erev Shavuos in Givat Ze’ev in Jerusalem, which killed two and injured hundreds.

The decision was made in order that the Jerusalem Police District isn’t in the position of investigating an incident in which it may have played a part.

Senior Karlin-Stolin askanim are expected to be summoned this week for questioning in an investigation for suspected reckless manslaughter. The contractor and engineer responsible for the new shul will also be summoned for interrogation.

Meanwhile, the Karlin-Stolin chassidus issued an official statement regarding the disaster on Monday night, Motzei Shavuos, stating: “The Karlin-Stolin Chassidus acts with great caution regarding everything related to preserving life. As is known, caution regarding pikuach nefesh is one of our top values. Safety inspectors were appointed to the Beis Medrash before the Chag and vast resources were invested in the implementation of safety procedures (emergency exits, escape routes, emergency kits, etc.). We have all the necessary approvals, including the required safety approvals, which we will present to the authorities.”

“An initial investigation points to a serious failure in the construction of the bleachers. Karlin Chassidus will act with transparency and responsibility and cooperate with the authorities investigating the terrible incident.”

Also, a Channel 13 News report on Tuesday said that Israel Police will be carrying out raids on Chassidish courts throughout Israel in the coming days.

The police will be launching a nationwide operation to evaluate Chassidish centers for safety, especially bleachers, in order to prevent the next tragedy, rachmana litzlan.

The police will evaluate hundreds of buildings for violations of construction protocols.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. We Don’t care about the Tel Aviv Police Fraud Unit we care about what is Hashem Telling us. Be careful not to fall into this trap of getting all into the investigation details, All you will see on social media is everything but the point.
    Think of things you personally can do better you have no idea what good that will do for you and all of Klal Yisroel

  2. With hundreds of buildings to evaluate, shall the police be able to take time out from their busy schedule to also evaluate Meron?
    Why didn’t the police make all these investigations before this Erev Schowu’oth tragedy rather than now with 2 lives already snuffed out?

  3. Will the police force also investigate the acts of the police department in meron which according to all the visual clips it is almost 100% that they were the major cause of that terrible tragedy or will only the chasidishe courts be investigated ?again we see the open anti-Semitic acts of the Israeli authorities.

  4. The Gurrer Rebbe has announced that in Gur they will no longer use bleachers at all. So that is one step towards safety.

  5. Skops .. Hashem is telling you that there is something wrong within in your sect. so do some soul searching..

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