Huge Fire Near Jerusalem: Main Highway Closed, Residents Evacuated

Photo: Fire and Rescue Services

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A huge brushfire broke out near Jerusalem on Tuesday morning, closing Highway 1 and forcing residents of Shoresh and Sho’evah to be evacuated.

Dozens of firefighting teams and six aircraft are fighting the flames, which are only meters away from residential homes.

A summer camp in the area with 850 teenagers was also evacuated along with a nearby shopping center and gas station.

Israel is currently enduring an extreme heatwave that is not scheduled to break until next week, with the heat accelerating the fire. However, Fire and Rescue Commissioner Dedi Simchi said that the fire was manmade, either deliberately or accidentally.

The fire near Shoresh. (Ariel Kedem, Nature and Parks Authority)
A firefighter on Highway 1, the main highway from the center of the country to Jerusalem. (Photo: Fire and Rescue Service)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)