Heartbreaking: Amid Reports Of Abuse Of Women, Tearful Afghan Reporter Questions The Pentagon

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Afghan reporter Nazira Karimi tearfully questioned Pentagon press secretary John F. Kirby at a press briefing in Arlington on Sunday, saying: “I’m very upset today, especially as Afghan women didn’t expect that overnight, all the Taliban would come.”

“They took off my flag,” she said. “This is my flag. And they put their flag. Everyone is upset, especially women.”

She also complained about President Ashraf Ghani, who fled the country on Sunday along with thousands of others, saying that she expected him to stay with the people.

The plight of Afghan women left in the clutches of the Taliban is especially heartbreaking. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Monday that reports are already coming in from Afghanistan about abuses of women by the Taliban, in addition to reports of targeted killings and lootings.

Guterres said that he is “particularly concerned by accounts of mounting human rights violations against the women and girls of Afghanistan who fear a return to the darkest days of the 1990s. The world is following events in Afghanistan with a heavy heart and deep disquiet about what lies ahead.”

Afghanistan’s UN Ambassador Ghulam Isaczai reported: “Kabul residents are reporting the Taliban have already started house-to-house searches in some neighborhoods, registering names and looking for people in their target list. There are already reports of targeted killings and looting in the city.”

“Kabul residents are living in absolute fear right now,” Isaczai added, saying he is “speaking on behalf of millions of people in Afghanistan, whose fate hangs in the balance and are faced with an extremely uncertain future,” including “millions of Afghan girls and women who are about to lose their freedom to go to school, to work and to participate in the political, economic and social life of the country.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If the Afghans really don’t like theTaliban, why didn’t they use all the weaponry we gave them and fight? Why must we die for them just because they are scared to fight?
    Sorry, no tears from me.

  2. Very dumb of the American government to surrender so openly. During the holocaust, even though those in power were fully informed (remember the Americans and Brits had broken German codes and were reading all the Nazi’s secret radio messages), they didn’t go out of their way to publicize German atrocities until the war was over. With full knowledge of what the Taliban will be doing, public opinion will turn very much against the American government (i.e. the Biden administration), for enabling the Taliban.

  3. Since the American armed forces have gotten so woke in the military hierarchy and feministic oriented with Biden’s appointment of women 4 star generals and the military standdown due to CRT and LGBT marches-
    Even backward men with a will and spirit are able to beat them

  4. When you have an idiot like disgraced General Mark Milley, who is more concerned with critical race theory than defending our Nation from foreign terrorist, we have a serious problem on our hands. I’m sure all those women in Afghanistan are petrified of the 8 White supremacists living in their underground bunker in a remote area of Idaho! The General is concerned, as well, about blacks slaughtering fellow blacks like worthless sheep on the streets of Chicago, so he wants to mandate CRT in the military. That will end all murders in the black inner cities. Milley is just brilliant. So in his pea brain, the Afghan people can be pillaged & raped, as long as CRT is forced upon our US military. Don’t believe what you hear in the media. The US is safer today because of CRT.

  5. this comment may be a bit old-fashion but isn’t there something wrong
    with putting people afraid for there lives in the same paragraph as women who fear that they will lose there freedom