7 UK Jews Died Of COVID In The Past 3 Weeks

A view to a commercial area of the London borough of Hackney. (City of London)

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Seven UK Jews died of the coronavirus in the past three weeks, according to the Board of Deputies, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

The total number of Jewish COVID fatalities in the UK is now 915.

The Board compiles the Jewish COVID death toll from data gleaned from Chevrei Kadisha throughout the country.

Starting in mid-April when the death toll stood at 903, the British Jewish community had a reprieve of two months with no COVID fatalities.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And what are we supposed to do about it?
    Lock down and damage ourselves economically and our kids psychologically? How does that fit into ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותיכם

  2. So why are 🇬🇧 Shuls burying their heads in the sand, and not mandating vaccination certificates for entry into Shuls, as well as face masks 😷, social distancing, & flex glass for קריאת התורה?

  3. BD”E How tragic. Each life lost is a loss of one of our areivim; one in whose zechusim we share and in whose tragedies we mourn.

    A request to TYW: Whenever possible, could we make efforts to decrease the fright factor and the “yellow journalism”? For example, here, could we supply statistics how many of these recent losses were unvaccinated? How many, if any, were breakthrough cases or cases of reinfection?

  4. Mind-boggling!
    Absolutely mind-boggling how HKB”H picks and chooses the beneficiaries of Dr. Zelenko’s discovery he publicized well over a year ago.
    Almost ALL the suffering and deaths could have been, and still can be, avoided with such a simple and easy solution.
    (And by “suffering” i also include economic/financial difficulties and sleepless nights with worry.)

    Who can possibly decipher Hashem’s plans and reasons, but it looks as if the Ribbono-shel-olam is using a laser-pointer and determines who gets it (the info about HCQ) and who doesn’t. And whose brain registered the fact that the HCQ+Zinc protocol is the (B’derech Ha’teva) answer, and whose brain didn’t know or ignored or rejected it.

    If for whatever reason (whether lack of knowledge or lack of rational thinking and investigative research) you disbelieve the Hydroxy+Zinc therapy, then guess which group Hashem placed you in….
    (However, we must never give up hope, after all, “Hashem protects the fools”…)

  5. I would guess that most if not all who passed from Covid were vaccinated but the media and the government blocks or hides that information because it doesn’t fit their narrative.